Video Blog 32: Soar like a Butterfly!

Back when I was a pole dance student, this move was one of the most advanced moves at the time! I remember looking at my instructor in awe and wishing I could look as awesome as her while she demonstrated this trick! Nowadays, this is achievable for most Intermediate students, once you’ve mastered the basic...
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We are the champions (again)!

We’re recovering after an excitingly busy weekend spent in Belfast at the annual All Ireland Pole Dancing Championship! We are delighted to announce that our instructor Leanne has been crowned the new All Ireland Pole Dancing Champion at a Professional level! Please join us in congratulating her! LEANNE CUMMINS – TAIPDC 2015 from Norm Keilty...
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Show us some ‘Attitude’!

Hey everyone, Today’s tutorial is another floorwork trick that’s very popular here at both of our studios in Dublin and Galway, the ‘Attitude to Attitude’, also known as the ‘Koda Roll’. This is a very easy trick; you don’t need to have a ‘rockin’ attitude’ or to be ‘fierce’ in order to be able to...
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Video Blog 31: Half Moon Shoulder Roll

Although we’ve been rocking this move for a while here at IPDA, I see this is quite ‘trendy’ right now! 😉 While it makes me super happy to see floorwork and pole ‘dance’ (as opposed to pure ‘fitness’) making a big comeback and my Instagram feed full of enthusiasts from all over the world rocking out...
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Video Blog 30: How to Make Your Legs Longer!

Have you always dreamed of having longer legs? Well good news, the longer you hang out in a split, the longer your legs will become! OK, so I might be bending the truth a little bit here 😉 Being more comfortable and more proficient with your hamstring flexibility and quad strength (especially in regards to your...
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Video Blog 29: The Holly Drop

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to break down my all time favourite tricks on the pole, the Holly Drop! This is a classic ‘old school’ pole dance trick (by ‘old school’, I mean it was invented by Karol Helms, back in the days when all we had was Youtube videos to try and learn how...
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Video Blog 27: The Superman

Calling all supermen and superwomen! This is a classic pole trick that makes you feel strong and invincible, you might just feel like you have the power to change the world upon mastering this 😉 This in an intermediate trick, and I will not lie, it can be quite tricky and oftentimes a little bit...
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Video Blog 26: Tick-Tocks!

Hello gorgeous pole people, I LOVE TICK-TOCKS! This super fun floorwork trick has the power to hypnotise your audience… Well, almost. Tick-tocks involve a lot of co-ordination and precision, but they are not impossible! Co-ordination is a skill that anyone can learn and improve upon. So you too can master these tick-tocks. I have broken...
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Video Blog 25: How to Master the Split Grip Hold!

Hey folks! Today’s video tutorial is all about the Split Grip Hold. This is an intermediate move that does require a bit of wrist strength and shoulder stability. It’s a very beautiful and versatile trick! It makes a great pose for a photo, you can dance through this trick by adding leg movement and shapes,...
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