Video Blog 24: How to Customize Your Tshirt!

Hey folks!

So something a little bit different for today’s video blog, by popular request! I’m going to show you how to do the slashed/woven-back design for your tshirts. We are big fans of this style at the studio, I particularly enjoy cutting up and weaving my tshirts so I can breathe a new lease of life into them and make them look more sexy and rock ‘n’ roll.

Have fun customizing your tees, and don’t worry, it’s very simple!

Our ‘Splits Like A Boss’ tshirt has this cut-up design on the back, and is available for purchase at our Dublin studio, or via our online store. If you’re looking for international shipping just email us and we’ll get a tee sent to you!

Watch ‘How to customize your tshirt – Arlene style!’ video blog below or click here!

Pole love,


Ps: Always use scissors carefully and under the supervision of an adult 😉