Grab hold of the stainless steel and let yourself go

Irish Pole Dance Academy is an online pole dance studio for those who want to find their flow and move with confidence.

Led by multiple pole dance champion and award winning Burlesque dancer, Arlene Caffrey.

Arlene’s aim is to empower you to become the best pole dancer that you can be and to let go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you through her structured tutorials, non-judgmental ethos and world-class tuition
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These online pole dancing lessons are designed to help you to become a well-rounded pole dancer, with an emphasis on technique and progressing at your own pace. You’ll get access to over 450 on-demand lessons of expert guidance to help you to safely practice floorwork, pole spins, tricks, inversions and more, available to stream 24/7.


So you want to get started with pole dancing? The 'Introduction to Pole Dance' online course is specifically for first-timers and will help you to learn the fundamental skills of pole dance in a structured and safe manner. Upon completion you have the option to continue your learning and progression onwards and upwards.


  • Even though I am in Australia I cannot speak highly enough of the online tutorials from IPDA ! The lessons are well thought out, terrific explanations, and there is just SO MUCH CONTENT. It truly is exceptional value for money. I really look forward to the weekly updates, and am always thrilled to receive a personal reply from Arlene whenever I have a question or comment. Her responses are so encouraging. tbh, I never expected online instruction to work for me. I have enrolled in *So.Many.Online.Courses!!!* over the years (not just for pole dancing, but other things too …). I started online with IPDA around 6 months ago and I think it is one of the best decisions I have made for my health, fitness, confidence and overall enjoyment of life. Thank you so much Arlene!

    Gina, Australia
  • Online classes with IPDA have been an absolute pleasure and god-send during lockdowns. One of the advantages to online learning is doing so at your own pace. The extensive video catalogue has classes of all lengths; from choreographed routines to bite-size tutorials, there’s something for every mood. Arlene’s clear and well explained tutorials make all the difference when training from home. Safety is just as paramount online as it is in the studio and you will definitely be in safe hands with advice such as prerequisites for classes and recommended warm ups and conditioning exercises. If you’re wondering whether you should subscribe to these classes or not – stop wondering and do it! Your improved technique (and mood!) will thank you.

    Zara, Dublin
  • My pole journey has been joyfully erratic: I started pole dancing as a stripper (having never touched a pole before auditioning for the job), then continued to dance at home and take classes for pleasure, exercise, and admittedly some nostalgia since I quit. I signed up here just expecting to add a conditioning session to my pole training, but the creativity and community around this studio (even at a distance!) has inspired me to go balls to the wall on choreography, take (controlled) risks, and maybe one day do something seriously ambitious like “finally impress my cat.” Hugely recommend to every pole dancer at any level, and particularly to performers who want to stretch their imaginations and flex some serious creative/actual muscle.

    Sian, London


Irish Pole Dance Academy was founded in 2011 by multiple pole dance champion Arlene Caffrey and is recognised among the world's best pole dance studios by United Pole Artists and Pole World News.

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