Video Blog 29: The Holly Drop

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to break down my all time favourite tricks on the pole, the Holly Drop! This is a classic ‘old school’ pole dance trick (by ‘old school’, I mean it was invented by Karol Helms, back in the days when all we had was Youtube videos to try and learn how to pole dance! Thank goodness times have changed!).

It’s an intermediate trick, so the good news is it doesn’t require having years and years of pole experience! Once you’ve got your leg hangs solid on both sides you can give this one a go! I still add it into almost every pole dance performance I do, I just love this trick!

This trick is good for your brain as it’s great for developing co-ordination, and it’s also hugely beneficial for strengthening your legs.

Watch ‘The Holly Drop’ video blog below or click here!

Pole Love,

Arlene xx