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Want to get more from your pole dancing classes? Or perhaps you got a pole for at-home training during lockdown and now it’s gathering dust? You can level up your pole dancing using Arlene’s online tutorials library!

These lessons are ideal for the pole dancer who wants to learn more: they are designed to supplement your training alongside your real-life pole dance classes.

With 450+ pre-recorded lessons (and more added every month) you can learn pole dancing tricks and choreography from the comfort of your own home, as well as floorwork, chair dancing and conditioning exercises for building strength with the pole.

No pole at home? No worries, Arlene also has a series of Floorwork lessons for levelling up your dancing. 

You can also use these tutorials if you live too far away from a studio; all of the important instructions are clearly explained to help you to learn pole dancing at home in a safe and progressive manner. 

Lessons include:

  • Full Warm-Up and Cool Down exercises
  • Conditioning Exercises
  • Pole Dance Choreography for Beginner to Advanced levels
  • Pole Dance Tricks & Transitions
  • Techniques specific to Pole Dancing in Heels
  • ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ course for Beginner Level
  • ‘Floorwork Flow’ course for Intermediate Level
  • ‘Floorwork Faff’ course for Advanced Level
  • Pole Dance Basework
  • Spins On Static Pole
  • Spinning Pole Dance Tricks & Transitions
  • Chair Dance Choreography 
  • Q & A with Arlene

These tutorials include elements from the Liquid Motion teaching methodology as well as Arlene’s 16+ years of experience in Burlesque and Pole Dance; she is so excited to share her knowledge with you!

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My view of myself has changed so much since I started. Every second I spend pushing myself in class, preparing for a showcase, or even just making silly dance videos in my apartment late at night feels like a massive “fuck you” to my ongoing body image struggles.