Video Blog 26: Tick-Tocks!

Hello gorgeous pole people,

I LOVE TICK-TOCKS! This super fun floorwork trick has the power to hypnotise your audience… Well, almost.

Tick-tocks involve a lot of co-ordination and precision, but they are not impossible! Co-ordination is a skill that anyone can learn and improve upon. So you too can master these tick-tocks. I have broken them down in great detail in this video, so follow along. Be patient with yourself when learning these; it can take some time to get the ‘flow’ and to feel full comfortable doing the tick-tocks. Start slow and work on building up the speed later.

Have fun practicing your tick-tocks, any feedback or questions you have, just ask!

Watch ‘Tick-Tocks’ video blog below or click here!

Pole Love,

Arlene xx