Show us some ‘Attitude’!

Hey everyone,

Today’s tutorial is another floorwork trick that’s very popular here at both of our studios in Dublin and Galway, the ‘Attitude to Attitude’, also known as the ‘Koda Roll’.

This is a very easy trick; you don’t need to have a ‘rockin’ attitude’ or to be ‘fierce’ in order to be able to do it (although, a bit of the above in the right circumstances is always good!).

I recommend trying this in bare feet/socks first and then trying in your heels once you have the co-ordination. Try slowly and then you can work on building the fluidity, and then integrating it into your dancing!

This trick is awesome for working your brain and improving co-ordination and body awareness, which is a skill that can massively improve not only your dancing but all of your fitness pursuits. It’s also a great way to increase hip and lower body mobility, as well as wrist and core strength.

So have fun, and send me your videos of your dancing and your creative use of the ‘Attitude – Attitude’!

Pole Love,