About the Irish Pole Dance Academy:

Our mission: To create a supportive, welcoming and fun environment where your needs and goals as an individual are recognized and supported. A place where creativity and expression are met with encouragement and the support of a greater community. We want to help you to gain strength and confidence and to become the best possible version of yourself, both physically and mentally. We want you to experience empowerment, passion and positivity in each and every class, and to take this with you outside of the studio to positively impact and improve the world at large.

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arlene caffrey pole dancing classes dublinArlene – Founder / Pole Dance Expert

Arlene is an ‘old school’ pole dance legend and is the heart and soul behind the Irish Pole Dance Academy. When Arlene started taking pole fitness classes (with her mum) as a keep-fit hobby back in 2006, she was a quiet, reserved graphic designer with no fitness, no strength or flexibility, and then went on to become the first ever Miss Pole Dance Ireland in 2007, and has won many titles since. She never set out to become one of Ireland’s leading pole dance experts and champions, it just sort of happened organically! Arlene has traveled the world to compete, perform, teach and develop pole dancing into the art form that it is today. When not training on the pole, Arlene loves drinking tea, spending time with her cat Ollie, listening to rock ‘n’ roll music and Burlesque. She also works part-time as business coach helping fellow fitness entrepreneurs get their business on track!

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pole dancing classes dublinJillian – Pole Dance Expert / Instructor

Jillian started poling in June 2011 and has been hooked ever since. Jillian loves to share her passion for pole dance and education with others; she completed the XPERT Pole Fitness instructor training in 2013 and this combined with her own experiences as a language teacher has laid important foundations for her journey as a true Pole professional. Jillian’s goals as an instructor are to help empower others to feel as good as they can in their own bodies and to help our students to overcome challenges, experience triumphs and see improvements at each step of their pole dance journey. Jillian is certainly best qualified to do this as pole dance has helped her to not only get her body back after having her son, but also to help her maintain her sense of self when walking away from an emotionally abusive partner. Jillian is also an avid reader, loves to travel and loves to challenge the status quo with some feministin’.

pole dancing classes dublinLeanne – Pole Dance Expert / Instructor

Leanne took up pole dancing in 2010, initially as a way to have a bit of random fitness fun as well as doing something for herself, by herself. She says that pole dancing has really changed her life; before she took it up she was incredibly unhealthy and extremely underweight. All of that has changed, and on the way she has met many incredible people, and learnt a lot about herself and others. She hopes it can do amazing things for you too and she looks forward to helping you achieve that at IPDA! Leanne has also won her fair share of competitions, including Pole Theatre Ireland 2015 Drama Category Winner and All Ireland Pole Dance Champion 2015 Leanne also love to read and watch films, she is a self-professed nerd! You can catch Leanne performing as a contortionist all over Dublin city.

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