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Our Mission

To create a supportive, welcoming and fun environment where your needs and goals as an individual are recognized and supported. A place where creativity and expression are met with encouragement and the support of a greater community. We want to help you to gain strength and confidence and to become the best possible version of yourself, both physically and mentally.

We want you to experience empowerment and positivity in each and every class, and to take this with you outside of the studio to positively impact and improve the world at large.

Our Team


Arlene (she / her) is an ‘old school’ pole dance legend and is the heart and soul behind Irish Pole Dance Academy. Originally from Co. Louth, she started taking pole fitness classes with her mum as a keep-fit hobby in 2006. As a shy person with no background in dance, Arlene went on to become the first ever Miss Pole Dance Ireland in 2007. She has won many titles since then including Miss Burlesque Ireland 2016/17 and Pole Theatre USA Comedy Winner 2018.

She set up IPDA in 2011 after 2 years of being an unemployed graphic designer and a social welfare statistic in the last economic recession. Her vision was not only to create a space where she could share her expertise in pole dance, but a community that brought people together and made them stronger.

Now, she has achieved that and so much more. She has traveled the world to compete, perform and teach, including Las Vegas, Istanbul, Auckland and more She has also worked extensively over the years in helping to develop pole dancing into the art form that it is today in Ireland. 

Her certifications include: Liquid Motion 1.0 & 2.0 Floorwork Methodologies, Liquid Motion Heels, XPERT Essential Science of Heels, elevatED Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2, XPERT Pole Fitness Levels 1 – 4, Vertical Dance Pole Fitness, Exercise to Music & Freestyle Fitness Yoga. She is also a certified Moon Mná Women’s Circles Facilitator.

Arlene’s favourite things apart from pole dancing are depressing hipster music (especially The Smiths), very strong coffee and her cats Ollie and Paul.

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Jillian (she/her) started pole dancing in June 2011 and has been hooked ever since. She loves to share her passion for pole dance and education with others; she completed the XPERT Pole Fitness instructor training in 2013 and this combined with her own experience as a language teacher has laid important foundations for her journey as a true pole professional. She has also gained certifications with Spin City instructor training.

Jillian’s goals as an instructor are to help empower others to feel as good as they can in their own bodies and to help students to overcome challenges, experience triumphs and see improvements at each step of their pole dance journey.

She is certainly has first hand experience of this herself. She says that pole dance has helped her not only to learn how to love her body again after having her son, but also to help her maintain her sense of self when walking away from a relationship that was no longer serving her.

Jillian is also an avid reader, loves to travel and loves to challenge the status quo with some intersectional feministin’.


Guillermo (he / him) is a life-long dancer from Caracas, Venezuela, where he taught pole dancing at Gala Dance Studio.

He came to Ireland as a refugee and has been through the Direct Provision system. Now, he lives in Dublin and studies music production, as well as sharing his love of dance in his classes at IPDA.

Guillermo says that dancing makes him feel connected to himself and brings him inner peace and freedom. His dream is that the world will one day be a place where you can be whoever you want to be without the fear of being judged or criticised and where people are kind and compassionate to one another for kindness sake.

When he is not dancing, his favourite things are collecting vinyl (his favourite artist is Florence And The Machine), human rights activism, watching Rick & Morty as well as anything by Studio Ghibli.

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Santina Spitfire (she / her) is the friendly voice you will hear when you call our number! Santina handles all things admin at IPDA, and also happens to be an internationally published pin-up model and award winning Burlesque dancer.
Santina is Miss Burlesque Dublin 2016/17 and Miss Pin Up Milan 2014. She is also a familiar face on Irish TV as an advocate for body positivity and Burlesque. She is a buxom, confident broad and all-round good gal who lives her life by the ageless, shapeless, timelessness of Burlesque.
In Santina’s free time, she is passionate about veganism, environmentalism and story-telling, particularly ghost stories!

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Bethany (she/her) started her pole dancing journey in 2019 as a fun new way to get fit and has never looked back!

Experienced in both pole dancing and aerial trapeze, the pandemic only deepened her love for pole even further.

She joined IPDA in January 2022 after moving to Dublin, and encouraged by her supportive instructors, gained her XPERT Pole Fitness Instructor training 1&2. She is also an experienced Climbing Instructor.

Bethany loves the meaning pole gives her mind and body, and how it lets her move in a way she’s never been able to before. Bethany sometimes struggles with anxiety, and pole dancing allows her to release the stress in a constructive and freeing way.

She loves making classes comfortable for newcomers, perfecting the basics, and preaching the gospel according to Taylor Swift.

Outside of pole dancing, Bethany can be found at the gym, reading a self help book, or travelling the world in any way she can.

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Hailing from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Katia (she / her) is an experienced and certified pole dance and flexibility instructor. She began practicing pole dance in 2016. She identifies as a pole addict and can’t imagine her life without it.

She has been teaching pole dancing for 3 years, at Fox Pole School in Zaporizhzhia. In 2021 she gained certifications with the best pole dancing organization in Ukraine, the ‘Ukrainian Pole Sport Federation’. She has completed these trainings twice and gained two levels, making her a certified instructor for beginners and intermediate students, as well as an additional certificate in teaching upper intermediate level.

She says that teaching pole dance has been an absolutely incredible journey for her so far. Performing, preparing routines for students and learning all the time are important parts of her life. Since I started her pole dancing path, she has learnt and taught her students not only pole moves but being feminine and self confident as well. It is her belief that the most important thing while doing pole dance is to enjoy process and have fun.

Her goals as an instructor are to support and encourage students, to give them all of her experience that she has been collecting for years and of course to help students to have fun during their pole dancing path.

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Elina (she / her) has recently moved to Dublin from Chernihiv, Ukraine, where she worked as an instructor in pole dance, flexibility training and aerial silks for more than 2 years.

She also has a keen interest in acting and performing, and she is studying Theatre at Trinity College Dublin.

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sinead taking pole dancing class in dublin

It’s really cool to be able to take up something in your mid-thirties and see improvement and growth each week. I’m really happy with my body in a way I haven’t been before. It’s able to do things I wouldn’t have thought possible. I’m so much stronger and more flexible than a year ago. I definitely feel sexier and comfortable with my body from that perspective too.