About the Irish Pole Dance Academy:

Our mission: To create a supportive, welcoming and fun environment where your needs and goals as an individual are recognized and supported. A place where creativity and expression are met with encouragement and the support of a greater community. We want to help you to gain strength and confidence and to become the best possible version of yourself, both physically and mentally. We want you to experience empowerment, passion and positivity in each and every class, and to take this with you outside of the studio to positively impact and improve the world at large.

arlene caffrey

Arlene – Founder / Pole Dance Expert

Arlene is an ‘old school’ pole dance legend and is the heart and soul behind the Irish Pole Dance Academy. When Arlene started taking pole fitness classes (with her mum) as a keep-fit hobby back in 2006, she was a quiet, reserved graphic designer with no fitness, no strength or flexibility. She never set out to become one of Ireland’s leading pole dance experts and champions, it just sort of happened organically!

Arlene fondly remembers what it feels like to be a beginner: what she loves so much about pole dancing is the fun atmosphere within the classes and the sense of camaraderie. Pole dancing helped her achieve self-condfidence, strength, and flexibility, as well as becoming comfortable in her own body. Arlene has real passion for helping people develop themselves, bettering themselves and achieving more than they ever thought possible! She hopes to help you achieve this at the Irish Pole Dance Academy.

Arlene has traveled the world to compete, perform, teach and learn pole dancing. She loves drinking tea, cats, rock ‘n’ roll music and Burlesque. Her favourite pole dance trick is the jade split.

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leanneLeanne – Pole Dance Expert / Instructor

“I started pole dancing around five years ago. Initially I took it up as a way to have a bit of random fitness fun as well as doing something for myself by myself. I immediately loved it but took a break to live abroad and finish studying. When I came back to pole I realized that for me it would be best to go to class more than once a week, so I went looking for other studios and classes. This is when things became serious for me! I began working hard on my strength and flexibility, taking as many classes as I could, focusing on being a better poler.

Somehow I worked up the courage to compete in Pole Princess Ireland 2013. This competition is perfect for anyone looking to compete for the first time – and I won in the Intermediate Category! I quickly found my own style, performed in The George and at charity events, for music videos, with live bands, filming show reels and photo shoots. I went on to compete in Pole Theatre Ireland 2014, and UKAPP 2014 (where I won the title of Semi-Pro Champion – still one of my favorite routines!), and Pole Theatre Ireland 2015 (where I won the Professional Drama category).

Competitions have always given me something to work towards, but when I started teaching I began loving pole in a whole new way. Being able to pass on any knowledge that I have is amazing for me, and I found myself growing and improving in ways that I hadn’t done as a student. I took the Xpert Instructor Training Course which had a huge impact on the way I perceived instructing for pole. For me now pole is definitely about instructing others as much as training myself.

My personal style of pole has been described as “pretty-freaky” – I definitely like to create characters and I use my flexibility to make things quite weird! But I love strength moves too, and a balance of both is what I am working towards. There is so much strength in flexibility anyway, and so much beauty in all styles of pole dance that I would never want to limit myself to any one or two ways of moving.

When I’m not pole dancing I’m usually thinking about pole, or talking about it. Or saving photos and videos to try later. I also love to read and watch films – I’m a huge nerd actually and can often be found reading a book while waiting for a movie to start! I’m a big pole nerd too, I usually know who did what is which competition and what song they used too. Pole has really changed my life – before I took it up I was incredibly unhealthy and extremely underweight. All of that has changed, and on the way I have met many incredible people, and learnt a lot about myself and others. I hope it can do amazing things for you too.”


Lauren – Administrator

“The question I get asked the most by new members is ‘Do you do pole dance yourself?’ And the answer is YES!!

I started pole dance with the Irish Pole Dance Academy in the beginning of 2014 and my body has really thanked me for it. I knew it would be a fun and challenging experience going into it, but I have always loved setting myself fitness goals and pushing myself to achieve those goals.

I have loved dancing ever since I was very young. I spent my childhood growing up amongst the Zulu culture on farmlands in South Africa, it was through this culture that I found my rhythm and love of dance.

My favourite thing about pole dancing is that you can translate your own personal rhythm into the sport, there is no right or wrong way to pole dance! Everybody has their own unique style and all styles are accepted.

Pole dancing has helped me to reconnect with my love of dance and my creative side. I have found that the creative release I get from pole dancing to be hugely beneficial for me both mentally and spiritually. I strongly believe that every women needs to take time for herself to spend doing things that she loves. We are worth it after all!

When I am not pole dancing I am connecting with all of our wonderful students and reaching out to anyone interested in taking the first step towards becoming a pole dancer!

I love to hear about our student’s progress and am always here when they need any assistance or advice about classes.

My favorite dance quote is one by Maya Angelou: ‘Everything in the universe has a Rhythm, Everything dances.’

pole dancing dublinJillian – Pole Dance Expert / Instructor

“I started poling in June 2011 and have been hooked ever since. Apart from an interlude to have my son Libertin (he is now my number one student!), I feel incomplete without a regular pole jam, for me there really is no better way to do this than to share my passion with others. I completed the Xpert pole instructor training in 2013 and this combined with my own experiences have laid important foundations for my journey as a Pole professional. My goals as an instructor first and foremost are to help empower others to feel as good as Poler’s generally do and help our students to overcome plateau phases, experience triumphs and see improvements at each step.”