Video Blog 31: Half Moon Shoulder Roll

Although we’ve been rocking this move for a while here at IPDA, I see this is quite ‘trendy’ right now! 😉

While it makes me super happy to see floorwork and pole ‘dance’ (as opposed to pure ‘fitness’) making a big comeback and my Instagram feed full of enthusiasts from all over the world rocking out in their heels, it also makes me sad to see moves rushed and not being carried out to their full potential. When I founded this company my mission was to spread the joy of pole dance and help women to feel strong, confident and sexy in a place that was safe for them to do so without feeling judgement. However, part of my mission is also to ensure that pole dance is being done correctly! 😉

I’m going to show you how to do this move with correct technique so that you can maximize your shoulder roll and create beautiful flowing movement across the floor with the longest looking legs possible! If you missed my blog last week about ‘How to Make Your Legs Longer’, be sure to have a look at that too 😉

So when learning this one, take your time! There is no rush to ‘nail it’ or master it. What’s more important is the journey, the joy of learning and moving to your rhythm. There’s several variations in this video so follow along at your own pace and be sure to keep me updated on your progress!

Watch ‘Half Moon Shoulder Roll’ video blog below or click here!

Pole love,

Arlene xx