Video Blog 24: How to Customize Your Tshirt!

Hey folks! So something a little bit different for today’s video blog, by popular request! I’m going to show you how to do the slashed/woven-back design for your tshirts. We are big fans of this style at the studio, I particularly enjoy cutting up and weaving my tshirts so I can breathe a new lease of...
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Video Blog 23: The Mermaid (Floor Pose)

Hey kids! Today’s tutorial is one of my favourite floor poses, The Mermaid. Don’t be daunted, this is a very pretty trick that doesn’t require huge amounts of flexibility or strength. I really love ‘bottom third’ pole work, that is using the bottom section of the pole and the floor to make cool shapes and...
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Video Blog 22: Warm-Up Routine For Pole Dancers

So you’re at home and you’ve got a bit of time to practice and do some training, do you just jump straight into it or do you stretch and warm-up before you start busting out those moves? This video is for those of you who need direction/motivation for warming-up when you’re training outside of the...
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Video Blog 21: Heel bangs!!!

Heel bangs are so much fun to do! All you need is a pair of platform heels, plenty of floorspace and the right technique! I will show you how to do these amazing show-stealing heel bangs in today’s tutorial. These are suitable for all levels of ability! Are you ready to make some noise? Let’s go! Watch...
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Video Blog 20: The Caterpillar

A funny story about this trick… When I was a pole dance student in my hometown of Drogheda, my ‘pole buddy’ was a Russian girl who I befriended during my classes. I happened to miss one week of training due to my exams at college, so when I returned the following week I asked her...
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Pole Theatre Ireland 2015

Congratulations to all of our IPDA Dublin and Galway students and team who took part in this year’s ‘Pole Theatre Ireland’ competition on April 18th! Well done to Karen, Racheal, Olga, Fi, Aileen and Yvonne, and our instructors Kathleen and Leanne, who wowed the audience with their performances and delivered perfect routines! Yvonne deserves an extra...
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Arlene’s 6 Steps for Pole Dance Competition Success!

With just 3 days left before ‘Pole Theatre Ireland’ 2015, we are flat out here at IPDA headquarters in Dublin as well as at our Galway base, helping 6 of our students and 2 of our staff members put the final finishing touches to their competition pieces. I thought I’d share some of my top tips...
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Video Blog 12: Rock Your Shoulder Roll! (Part 2)

Last week I broke down the backwards shoulder roll, so now for the forwards shoulder roll! This one is a little bit trickier than the backwards shoulder roll. Be patient with yourself while learning and of course take care not to roll over your neck or roll into any surrounding objects such a furniture, pets, family...
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Video Blog 11: Rock Your Shoulder Roll! (Part 1)

Ahh, the shoulder roll, one of my favourite floorwork tricks… I’m going to break down the backwards shoulder roll and the forwards shoulder roll in this two-part video blog. These rolls can be quite tricky and confusing to learn at first (I know I struggled with them!) so I’m going to go through tips and...
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