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Member Spotlight: Asimina

I’m delighted to bring you our latest Member Spotlight: this month it’s Asimina! Asimina joined us initially with the goal of strengthening her body and overcoming back and shoulder pain caused by working at her desk. She very quickly saw great progress in her physical self and since then has continued onwards and upwards! We...
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‘November Spawned A Monster’ Showcase

When you haven’t got a stitch to wear, but still go out and bring forth the awesomeness…💐 Enjoy this showreel and recap from our Smiths themed pole dance showcase in honour of my birthday, awesomely edited by the incredibly sound Crooked Gentlemen! Thank you so much again to all of our performers: Sara, Joshua, Natalia,...
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Member Spotlight: Dearbhaile

I’m delighted to bring you our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Dearbhaile! Dearbhaile first stepped through our doors in 2015 and rejoined our community following a few years of travelling abroad. Since getting back into the ‘swing’ of things (I can’t help myself when it comes to a good pole pun) she has transcended physically...
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Member Spotlight: Suzanne

I’m delighted to bring you our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Suzanne! Suzanne is a quiet force of nature, easily recognisable by her impressive abs of steel and usually executing a complicated sequence of inverted tricks with ease. Not only this, Suzanne is extremely thoughtful and puts a great amount of care not only into...
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Member Spotlight: Órla

I’m delighted to bring you our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Órla! Órla is a tattoo artist based in Dublin. When she’s not tattooing or dancing she can be found napping in the nearest small space. She’s been doing ballet on and off since age 13 and has been pole dancing here at IPDA for...
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Anniversary Showcase 2019

This March, my little business Irish Pole Dance Academy turned 8 years old. So what better way to celebrate than with our usual Anniversary Showcase! Everyone who knows me knows that IPDA is my soul’s work; I am fiercely proud of the community of badasses that my studio is home to. I set up this...
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Member Spotlight: Kelly

I’m delighted to bring you the latest instalment of our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Kelly! Kelly is a proud cat lady who can be found at the studio oftentimes rocking a pair of 8inch heels but always wearing a smile. She exudes a quiet but unshakeable a ‘can do’ attitude. At almost 40 years...
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Member Spotlight: Xavi

Every month here at IPDA we love to pick out one member who’s been kicking ass (which is always a struggle because everyone kicks butt on a daily basis) and award them client of the month status with a lovely feature to celebrate their story and their awesomeness. Normally I email and post these amazing...
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How To Prepare For A Pole Dance Showcase

One of my favourite things about owning a brick and mortar pole dance studio is that I get to host regular in-house showcases where I can join our students, instructors and friends from the Pole Dance world and Burlesque community in creating art and performing our hearts out! I personally feel that there are limited...
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