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Irish People Try Pole Dancing For The First Time

We recently had the Try Channel visit our studio to have Arlene take some of their Tryers through the basics of pole dance. Fair play to Justine, Shannon, Dónal and John for being such great sports and for giving it their all during the lesson! We think they did amazing as absolute first timers, but...
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Member Spotlight: Jess

I’m delighted to bring you another inspirational Member Spotlight: this month it’s Jess! Here’s a harsh truth: pole dancing can be quite difficult sometimes and it is quite demanding, emotionally as well as physically. However, it is not impossible and we firmly believe at IPDA that anyone can learn pole dance, once they are patient...
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Bringing Sexy Back Showcase 2019

Every July, our students, instructors and friends come together to hold our Bringing Sexy Back Showcase in honour of celebrating the roots of pole dancing and embodying what the concept of ‘sexy’ means to them. Here’s a video from the amazing Aurora Film/Photo that will give you a little glimpse into what went down! Bringing...
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Arlene Caffrey pole dancing demonstration on Weekend AM

Last Saturday, Arlene appeared on Weekend AM to talk to Anna Daly about all things pole dancing, J-Lo’s training for the ‘Hustlers’ film and to teach Anna a basic pole dance trick. You can watch the while thing here: Fair play to Anna for taking the plunge in learning the ‘Kate Moss’ live on air...
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Member Spotlight: Renee

I’m delighted to bring you our latest Member Spotlight: this month it’s Renee! Here at IPDA we find that people decide to try pole dancing for many reasons and goals, usually much more than to “get fit” or “lose weight”. Renee joined us after she went through some big life changes following the end of...
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Member Spotlight: Asimina

I’m delighted to bring you our latest Member Spotlight: this month it’s Asimina! Asimina joined us initially with the goal of strengthening her body and overcoming back and shoulder pain caused by working at her desk. She very quickly saw great progress in her physical self and since then has continued onwards and upwards! We...
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‘November Spawned A Monster’ Showcase

When you haven’t got a stitch to wear, but still go out and bring forth the awesomeness…💐 Enjoy this showreel and recap from our Smiths themed pole dance showcase in honour of my birthday, awesomely edited by the incredibly sound Crooked Gentlemen! Thank you so much again to all of our performers: Sara, Joshua, Natalia,...
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Member Spotlight: Dearbhaile

I’m delighted to bring you our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Dearbhaile! Dearbhaile first stepped through our doors in 2015 and rejoined our community following a few years of travelling abroad. Since getting back into the ‘swing’ of things (I can’t help myself when it comes to a good pole pun) she has transcended physically...
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Member Spotlight: Suzanne

I’m delighted to bring you our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Suzanne! Suzanne is a quiet force of nature, easily recognisable by her impressive abs of steel and usually executing a complicated sequence of inverted tricks with ease. Not only this, Suzanne is extremely thoughtful and puts a great amount of care not only into...
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