Arlene Caffrey on ‘Fishnets and Philosophy’ Podcast with Mx Bel Morrigan

arlene caffrey on fishnets and philosophy podcast with mx bel morrigan

Arlene was recently featured on a bonus episode of the wonderful ‘Fishnets and Philosophy’ podcast with Mx Bel Morrigan to talk about all things feminism and pole dancing.

In this episode, Arlene talks about her early days in pole fitness classes were SWERF rhetoric was rife, and how she learned to overcome her own internalized misogyny and small mindedness by recognizing that it stemmed from her insecurities about her own sexual expression. She also discusses the importance of keeping an open mind and being comfortable with not knowing everything and being willing to admit when you are wrong, so that we can move past problematic viewpoints and make ourselves and the world better.

She also talks about other fun things such as how music plays such an important role in her life, as well as her hopes and dreams for the world!

Listen to the chat on Spotify below, or anywhere else that you get your podcasts!