Arlene Caffrey on ‘Pole The Other One’ Podcast

arlene caffrey on pole the other podcast pole art episode

I am thrilled to bits to be featured on this week’s episode of the ‘Pole The Other One’ Podcast!

This is a podcast series by pole dancing stand-up comedian Siân Docksey, who you might remember from this year’s online ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase. It explores anything and everything to do with pole dance, from overcoming fear, solidarity with sex workers, neurodiversity and much, much more!

This week’s episode theme is Art, so I’m delighted to be discussing what I think makes a truly artistic pole dance (here’s a clue, it has nothing to do with fancy tricks), how to stay inspired and balancing business and creativity regardless of your chosen field. It also includes a bit about my background and upbringing, some ‘woo’ stuff and a funny rant about Simon Sinek… I hope you’ll enjoy it!

If you enjoyed the episode and the series, you might consider supporting Siân on her Patreon page or by buying her a coffee. It’s a great way to support original podcast makers in a tough industry, and helps keep podcasts independent, creative and autonomous!

You can listen below on Spotify, or alternatively you can also listen here: