Week 1: #SwayTheElements Online Instagram Challenge

Sway the Elements online pole dance challenge week 1

In partnership with Sway Polewear, we are so excited to present our “Sway The Elements Challenge”! It’s an Instagram challenge over 5 Weeks with 5 Mini Flow Combos, 1 Grand Prize Winner!

It is inspired by the elements: water, fire, air, earth and metal. Each mini flow has modifications, so don’t worry if you are still at beginner level.

Here’s how to enter and win:

  1. Each week there will be a new flow for you to try on the Sway Polewear Instagram page.
  2. Post your version publicly on Instagram and tag both @Sway_Polewear and @IrishPoleDanceAcademy using the hashtag #SwayTheElements.
  3. Don’t forget to follow both of our accounts on Instagram!
  4. Each post gives you another chance to win a virtual private lesson with @arlenecaffrey AND an entire gorgeous outfit from Sway Pole Wear. 

Here’s flow number one by Arlene, inspired by the element of Water ?: 

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Arlene is dancing to ‘A Just Refrain’ by Somefinn.

Come dance with us! We can’t wait to see your interpretations of our mini routines!

Sway the Elements online pole dance challenge