Arlene Caffrey & Somefinn: ‘Contact’ short film / collaboration

Arlene Caffrey pole dancing in Co. Louth during Somefinn Contact music video

“the source of absence is the lack of touch, feel and taste, behold….. CONTACT.” – Paul Finn

It gives me such joy to share this ‘Contact’ short film that I had the pleasure of creating with Somefinn and cinematographer Darren Finn. It involves pole dancing, arty-ness and a highly catchy song. You’ll find yourself singing “Con-tact!” for days.

When my pal Paul Finn (Somefinn) reached out to me back in the springtime about collaborating on a video for his song, I knew I wanted to create something that captured the dance between playfulness and longing that song evokes for me. So we thought it would be fun to film a pole dancing scene on a deserted beach in our homeland of Co. Louth, in 8-inch heels and a sparkly bikini, to capture that. And also, because Art.

I hope you all enjoy this video and feel inspired by it!