Video Blog 22: Warm-Up Routine For Pole Dancers

So you’re at home and you’ve got a bit of time to practice and do some training, do you just jump straight into it or do you stretch and warm-up before you start busting out those moves?

This video is for those of you who need direction/motivation for warming-up when you’re training outside of the studio. Requested by Shannon in Galway, this is my signature pole dance specific warm-up routine that focuses on warming up the shoulders and hips. It takes about 12 minutes and will make sure you’re super warm and ready to pole or move onto some deep stretching for splits etc.

This is also just a great little exercise routine for those of you who haven’t joined us at the studio yet!

Warming-up is important for all exercise activities as it prepares the body and the joints for the exercises about to be performed. It raises the body temperature and increases blood flow to the muscle, as well as mobilising the joints to increase synovial fluid (yay geek stuff!). It can also reduce muscle soreness and reduce the risk of injury.

But apart from the physical benefits, warming-up helps you to prepare mentally and focus the mind. I like to include deep breathing exercises as part of the warm-up and use my breath with my movement, to release tension from the body and the mind which will help me to perform better on the pole.

So, enjoy following along to this warm-up routine with me! There’s awesome music by Glass Animals, Alt-J and Father John Misty in there too for your pleasure.

Watch ‘Warm-Up Routine For Pole Dancers’ Video Blog below or click here!

Pole love,

Arlene xx