Video Blog 11: Rock Your Shoulder Roll! (Part 1)

Ahh, the shoulder roll, one of my favourite floorwork tricks…

I’m going to break down the backwards shoulder roll and the forwards shoulder roll in this two-part video blog. These rolls can be quite tricky and confusing to learn at first (I know I struggled with them!) so I’m going to go through tips and tricks to help you smoothen them out and add the wow factor!

Even if you’ve already got this trick down, have a look and check that you’re not falling into bad habits. I suggest recording your practice so you can review it and see where you can improve.

We’ll start with the backwards shoulder roll, as this one is a little bit easier. Have fun with your practice and take care not to roll over your neck or roll into any surrounding objects such a furniture, pets, family members, etc.

Watch ‘Rock Your Shoulder Roll! (Part 1)’ Video Blog below or click here!

Pole love,

Arlene xx

PS: Remember to send me your requests for material to be covered in this video blog! If you want to see an in-depth blog of anything pole dance, floorwork, conditioning or stretching related, let me know.