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culture night pole dance showcase in dublin
Next Friday 23rd September is Culture Night 2022, and we’re delighted to be having a very small showcase here in the studio right after classes finish for the evening! This short pole dance showcase will include performances from some of our members and instructors. We’d love for you to join us and watch as we...
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arlene caffrey pole dance workshop for body waves
With Arlene Caffrey7:00pm – 8:15pm / €22 Grab your spot by clicking here! This is an online masterclass dedicated to resolving common stumbling blocks and sticky points when it comes to Body Waves, as well as celebrating them in all their glory! This class is for you if you want to level up your Body Waves...
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kate bush themed dance workshops sept 10th in dublin
Whether you went through a Kate Bush phase as a teenager, or if you’re only discovering her more recently, this is for you if you’re someone that loves dramatic flowy dancing, as well as geeky giggles! 🖤 ‘Wuthering Heights’ Choregraphy with Mich 12:00 noon – 1:30pm / €25 In this special one-off class, Mich (@unquietdreams on...
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bringing sexy back showcase at irish pole dance academy 2022
“Take a bow, you’re a top-class c***You add to the kitty of craicFill them lungs with a well-earned breathThere’s plenty of time for deathNo use crying over spilt bap juiceIt’s gonna go baps up one of these daysSo get your hole up, pull your bleedin’ jocks upYou are your own secret weapon” Please enjoy this raucous and racy showreel of our ‘Bringing Sexy Back’...
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bringing sexy back showcase 2022
We had such a lovely time with our annual ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase on Saturday 2nd July! It was our first in-person showcase since 2019, so it was kinda a big deal for us. It was an amazing evening where some of our students, instructors and special guests (from near and afar!) came together to...
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pole dance workshops in dublin with lauren elise king
We have not one but two amazing guest instructors coming to visit us here in Dublin on Saturday July 2nd for an afternoon of one-off pole dance workshops: Lauren Elise King & Sarah Blackmilk! Here are the details about their amazing pole dance workshops, as well as links to grab your spots (whilst there’s availability!)....
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leela baron talking about pole dancing on
“…Pole dancing gives you so much confidence. It’s not just me, it’s every one of my students tells me that ever since starting pole dancing they feel much more confident.” Did you see Leela talking about her journey with pole dancing over on Our instructor Leela Baron was recently interviewed by about how...
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estefania jimenez pole dancing workshops in dublin ireland
Estefanía Jiménez is coming to visit us on May 14th for one day only of pole dance workshops in Dublin! Here’s the full schedule below plus all the juicy workshop details… 🌟 Floorwork Foundations 🌟 15:15 – 16:45 / €59 This workshop includes a 15 minute of full body warm-up. In this signature workshop, we...
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Happy International Womens Day 2022 from Irish Pole Dance Academy
Wishing you all an intersectional and inclusive International Women’s Day! To celebrate IWD this year, I have used a percentage of the net income from all of IPDA from last month (meaning the money from memberships, class sign-ups, courses, online subscriptions, knee pads and other products bought, everything!) and used this to buy a load...
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polers for peace weekend of pole dance workshops in bray
We’re delighted to share this weekend of fundraising workshops happening in at the wonderful House Of Pole in Bray! Our very own Arlene and Guillermo will be offering specialized workshops alongside an unreal array of pole dance instructors including Ella Marie, Leah Aftab, Daria Evstratova and Demelza Franssen. Each workhop is only €30 with 100%...
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