Member of the Month: Laura

Laura pole dancing at irish pole dance academy

We’re shining the spotlight on Laura this month, as someone who is not just making great progress but spreads positivity among our community.

Laura has been a part of our community for more than 7 months now. She says that she enjoys her pole dancing classes so much as they enable her to uncover “the side of sensuality and fountains of feminine energy” in her. Pretty cool, right?

You can read her story in her own words below:

“I wanted to connect with my femininity and power of sexuality because it seemed like I had lost touch with both of these vital aspects. Then I came across IPDA, and the little voice in my head said I should sign up for lessons. I always wanted to try pole dancing, and where on earth is a better place to get in tune with your body shuttering the taboos that are holding us back?

After my first pole dance class, I became addicted. Totally. I was like, ”Hello!! Where have you been all my life?” I loved the feeling it gave me, the fact that I could unapologetically be myself and that my mind synced with my body. The teachers are fantastic, too. It is like one big family; everyone supports each other.

laura doing a pole sit during class

How I feel about my pole dancing progress now: One baby step at a time. It has been a great way to train the level of my patience as I want everything now! I am getting stronger, quicker and better with every session. But it didn’t happen in a day. My goal was to get up on the pole, which seemed impossible initially, but now it feels natural. And the fun in every class is epic!

My favourite thing about Irish Pole Dance Academy is the whole community, the people. The support we give each other, the cheering, the encouragement, the challenge. The teachers are incredible. It is hard work, and they make it super fun. It feels like home.

To anyone else who might be on the fence about joining a pole dancing class: Just do it! If you are not sure, just try it! You don’t know what you will discover on this journey and what you are missing out on. I always think you won’t know till you try, so try! Hell, no, don’t try. Just DO it! Procrastination is missing out on life; we only have one life, so make the best of it!”

Laura is also a qualified sports massage therapist. She has a series of videos on her Facebook page where she guides polers through some self-massage techniques to help manage pains and niggles after training.

You can find Laura’s page and her videos here: