‘The Art Of Body Waves’ Bundle



This bundle of 13x tutorials is for you if you want to level up your Body Waves and achieve flow and softness to your pole dancing. The aim is to help you to improve your range of motion so that you can take up more space and improve your lines when dancing.

Arlene will share her knowledge from her 17+ years of dedication to body waves and the Old School style. She will help you in understanding what the entire body is doing when you execute a body wave.  It has little to do with being naturally flexible and is all about technique.

Arlene will guide you through a warm-up and then break down a range of individual floorwork and pole dance body waves. She will point out what the body is doing in a body wave, paying particular attention to shoulders, hips, hands and feet.

You will aim to build upon whatever mobility you already have, whether you are a complete beginner or already are immersed in the Old School style!

Suitable for ALL levels; you’re never too good to improve upon your body waves. Full instructions are included with the videos with modifications to suit different levels of ability.

What’s included:

  • Full warm-up
  • Full cool down
  • Floorwork body waves: Classic Floor Body Wave, Hip Bridge Body Wave, Hip Wave, All Fours Single Leg Wave
  • Pole assisted body waves: Classic Body Wave, Reverse Body Wave, Body Wave Descent, Single Leg Wave, Standing Hip Wave, Straddle Hold Body Wave
  • Pole Trick body waves: Plank Body Wave, Split Grip Hold Body Wave, Scorpio Handstand Single Leg Wave
  • Access to content for 12 weeks

There are no pre-requisites, however if you are working with an injury please do consult your physician before enrolling.

All you need is space where you can move comfortably, a yoga mat and your pole.


Other important stuff:

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