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Floorwork Flow: Intermediate Level Course

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This ‘Floorwork Flow’ 6-lesson online course is developed specifically for those who want to level up their floorwork game and improve their technique for dancing in heels, with an emphasis on training both sides and understanding common connection shapes.

Note: It is important to have completed ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ before taking this course: the fundamental principles and techniques will not be repeated in order to conserve time.

To part in this course, all you need is some space free from obstacles that you can move comfortably in and a willingness to move unapologetically. Platform heels knee pads are recommended but not mandatory.

What’s included:

  • Full warm-up and cool down
  • Conditioning exercises specific to the art of dancing in heels
  • 6 lessons comprising of 2 short sequences combined into a longer choreography per lesson
  • Detailed breakdowns of new floorwork elements
  • Q&A with Arlene
  • Access to course material for 9 weeks

Elements in this course include: Candlestick, Forward Shoulder Roll, Exorcist, Knee Spin, Swivel-Under, Plough to Hip Bridge, Belly Swivel, and more. Please note that elements previously covered in ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ are not included.

This course includes elements from the Liquid Motion teaching methodology as well as Arlene’s 15 years of experience in Burlesque and Pole Dance.


Other important stuff:

The course material is housed on the Floorwork Flow page.

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