Floorwork Fundamentals: Beginner Level Course



Learn how to slink and flow! This ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ 6-lesson online course is developed specifically for first-timers and will help you to learn how to move like melting butter while developing your strength, mobility and co-ordination. All of the skills and movements that you will learn during this course are directly applicable to pole dancing. You’ll be glad you took this course!

Tried and tested by over 350 people, this course is perfect for folks who want to get started with pole dancing but who perhaps don’t feel ready to join a class just yet.

Or, if you’re someone who is already pole dancing but struggles with floorwork, this is the best place to start so that you can gain a solid foundation for more advanced floorwork.

To take part in this course, all you need is some space free from obstacles that you can move comfortably in and a willingness to move unapologetically. Knee pads are recommended.

What’s included:

  • Full warm-up and cool down
  • 6 lessons comprising of 2 short sequences combined into a longer choreography per lesson
  • Detailed breakdowns of individual floorwork elements
  • Q&A with Arlene
  • Access to course material for 9 weeks

Elements in this course include: Floor Body Rolls, Stripper Push-Up, Prance Legs, Wavy Legs, Clockwork Legs, Backward Shoulder Roll, and more. This course includes elements from the Liquid Motion teaching methodology as well as Arlene’s 17 years of experience in Burlesque and Pole Dance.

Other important stuff:

The course material is housed on the Floorwork Fundamentals page.

Upon buying this course, you will have access to the video lessons (which are housed on the link above). Your login details are the same as what you used to purchase the course, you will need to be logged in anytime you wish to access the course.

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