‘Finding Confidence Through Pole Dancing’: IPDA on Buzz.ie

pole dancing on buzz.ie

“…Pole dancing gives you so much confidence. It’s not just me, it’s every one of my students tells me that ever since starting pole dancing they feel much more confident.”

Did you see Leela talking about her journey with pole dancing over on Buzz.ie?

Leela was recently interviewed by Buzz.ie about how she started pole dancing, why she loves it and the benefits she sees in herself and those she teaches pole dancing to here at IPDA.

Inspired? Come and take a pole dancing class here at our lovely studio in Dublin 1!

If you’re new, the best place to start is with our ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ courses for first-timers (yes, it’s especially for complete beginners). Smash this link to grab one of the remaining spaces! Our next available courses start on May 14th and 15th.

Sadly we can’t embed the video here, so you will have to click here to watch the video with Leela over on the Buzz.ie website. (Note: you’ll be redirected to Buzz.ie)