Workshops July 2nd: Lauren Elise King & Sarah Blackmilk

pole dance workshops in dublin with lauren elise king

We have not one but two amazing guest instructors coming to visit us here in Dublin on Saturday July 2nd for an afternoon of one-off pole dance workshops: Lauren Elise King & Sarah Blackmilk!

Here are the details about their amazing pole dance workshops, as well as links to grab your spots (whilst there’s availability!).

Slinkyography Workshop with Sarah Blackmilk
Saturday 2nd July @ 12:00 noon / €52
pole dance workshops in dublin with sarah blackmilk

Sarah Blackmilk will teach you her unique style of smooth and controlled exotic choreography, focussing on musicality, fluidity, hairography and glidework, to move effortlessly across the floor and slink around the base of the pole.

No aerial moves included (ie: we will not be climbing up the pole or inverting), so it really is suitable for all levels. Sarah will be able to give regressions / progressions depending on where you are at, as she’s an excellent teacher.

Heels are preferred for this class but socks are great too, kneepads are advised.

Limited to 10 places only. Grab your spot by clicking here!

Liquid Gold Workshop with Lauren Elise King
Saturday 2nd July: 1:40pm – 3:10pm / €52

Want to step outside your comfort zone and further develop your mastery of heelwork? It’s all about the details: this workshop is for you!

Challenge yourself with this fast-paced choreography session with the inimitable Lauren Elise.

Taking inspiration from different styles of dance – this workshop will keep you on your toes (literally). The routine will incorporate exciting combinations of spins, transitions, low pole work and floorwork, with a focus on musicality and technique.

Kneepads, long socks or leg warmers are advised. Heels are required (Pleaser or similar styles recommended).

This workshop is not suitable for complete beginners; please take our ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ Course first as a minimum.

Limited to 10 places only. Grab your spot by clicking here!