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'Introduction to Pole Dance' Course for Beginners

First-timer? You're in the right place.

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So you want to learn how to pole dance but have never tried before? We’re going to take a wild guess here, have you been thinking or talking about trying out a class but have kept putting it off until now? Or perhaps you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not strong enough or flexible enough yet, or that you “would break the pole”?

We’re used to hearing this kind of thing (and relax, you physically cannot break our poles!). So let us help you get started with pole dancing!

We’ve designed this ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ course for absolute first-timers to help folks to learn the basics of pole dance in a safe, non-judgemental class environment. It will help you to try out pole dance, to experience our supportive community of badass feminists and above all else, to have good fun and be in the moment for an hour. From the first lesson you’ll be able to perform a short choreography with your pole.

So now, imagine yourself spinning around the pole to the sound of cheering from your fellow classmates, and the feeling that comes with realising “Hey, I can actually do this!”

You will also gain access to our tried and tested 6-lesson ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ online course. These are lessons you can take between classes (or right now) to learn sensual and fun floorwork moves that you can build into your own flowing choreography, whilst building strength and coordination applicable to pole dancing!

By the end of the course you will have mastered a range of spins, tricks and poses with the pole, as well as flowing floorwork. You will understand how to put it all together and dance through each move. After all, it is pole DANCE! You will also have too much fun to notice you’re becoming stronger and stronger.

Come on, join us!

Please fill in your details below to apply for one of the 10 available places per course.

We have a high demand for course places: Please don’t panic if your preferred course has already sold out. By joining the waiting list below, we will offer you a place as soon as we have more available. Please note, participants must be a minimum of 18 year of age to attend Irish Pole Dance Academy.

Special Offer

Our next available course is limited to only 10 places and will comprise of 6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 consecutive weeks at our studio in Dublin 1, with complimentary access to our ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ 6-lesson online course. We are offering this at just €139 (normal price €159).

In other words: no overcrowding, small class sizes, great value!

What's included:

  • 1 x 60 minute session per week in our lovely studio in Dublin 1, catered for absolute beginners.
  • Not just pole fitness: You will learn basic spins, climbs, floorwork and poses and how to dance with the pole.
  • Small class sizes: No overcrowding or feeling overwhelmed and lost in a massive class.
  • Support and guidance: Our pole dance instructors have years of experience and training, which means that you are in safe hands with us. Again, our class sizes are small so that our instructors can provide you with proper support.
  • A great buzz: Our studio is an encouraging community of people just like you who are all pursuing fun and trying something new. No judgement, no drama.
  • Access to our 6-lesson 'Floorwork Fundamentals' online course: These lessons will help you to build strength and coordination directly applicable to pole dancing, move like melting butter and feel like a badass.
  • Celebration / respect: We will also teach you a bit about the important history of pole dance during this course. No white-washing!
  • Progression: Upon completion of 'Introduction to Pole Dance', you will have the opportunity to join our monthly memberships (subject to availability) and continue to learn more advanced pole dance moves and sequences, or you have the option to finish knowing that you've mastered all the basics of pole dance.

Got Questions?

We got ya covered.

What should I wear for a pole dance class?

We recommend wearing clothing that you can move freely and comfortably in. Form-fitting shorts and a comfortable t-shirt or tank top are good. Leg-warmers or knee pads are also recommended for your comfort; we have knee pads available for purchase at the studio.

For the warm-up we advise wearing long pants with your shorts underneath, so that you are ready to get on the pole after stretching!

We work barefoot, so you can leave your trainers at home! After you finish this course, you can wear heels. We advise wearing pole dance specific shoes, such as Pleasers. 

Also, we know that showing up to a pole dancing class can be daunting as it is a highly visual form of movement. Some of our students like to wear fishnets and cheeky booty shorts with red lipstick, some prefer to show up in hoodies and baggy pants with zero make-up, and others are somewhere in between. Please know that whatever way you choose to dress will not be judged or critiqued, though if you wear something sparkly it’s highly likely that we will tell you how much we love sparkly things!

Do I need upper body strength or do I need to be ‘fit’ in order to take pole dancing classes?

We get asked this question a LOT. There are no pre-requisite strength, flexibility or skill levels required in order to take part in this ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ Course. This course is designed for people who don’t have prior experience: we will teach you every skill from the ground up, and in a very safe manner. For anyone at any fitness level, we always recommend that you consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

Do I need to have a dance / fitness background to do pole dancing?

Absolutely not necessary. Although it is very helpful if you already have a dance / fitness background already, it is not necessary as we will teach you all of the fundamentals, good technique and everything else you need to know. You have the freedom to progress and learn at your own pace!

Is there an age limit for participants?

Everyone is welcome to join! There is no maximum age limit for potential pole dance students. However, if you are under 18 we can’t permit you to join us (sorry!).

Is there a weight limit?

Nope, no weight limit. And no, you will not “break the pole”. We aim to create a body-neutral environment in all of our classes.

Also, we are using professional equipment in our studio. We are using Xpert Pro stainless steel poles by X-Pole which are pressure mounted to the floor and bolted into metal i-beams.

Can men / non-binary / gender non-conforming folks take part?

Emphatically, YES. Our studio is a welcoming space for all humans. We work very hard at creating an inclusive and non-judgemental atmosphere. It’s 2023 after all.

How do I sign up?

Hit that big lovely purple button up above to apply for a space. We will then email you (check your spam folder just in case) to allocate you a space on one of our available courses, or if not you will be added to our waiting list and informed as soon as we have a space for you.

Can I watch a class before I decide to join?

Nope, super sorry! Our studio is private because our students feel uncomfortable with the idea of people walking in and out just to have a look. Please understand that when you enrol with us, no onlookers will be allowed to have a look at what you’re doing.

Can I just register for one class of this course?

As this is a 6-week course carefully designed for first-timers and folks with no prior experience, it is essential to register for the whole course in order to get the most out of it. Our hope is that by the time you finish this course, you will have a solid understanding of basic pole dance technique that you can then build upon if you decide that you’d like to keep on learning and progressing.

For this reason it is not possible to register for one class only.

Not to mention, we are limited on spaces and have a waiting list of folks who want to join our courses; it’s unfair to us and to them if you only want to book one class and not the remainder, leaving an empty space that then can’t be taken by someone else who really wanted to do our course in full. Thank you for understanding, you amazingly compassionate human!

If you’re not sure about joining this 6-week course, you could also book a 1-1 lesson by contacting us: this way you can book one of our instructors to yourself for an hour and have them teach you the basics at your own comfortable pace.

Alternatively, you could also take our ‘Floorwork Fundamentals‘ online course at home to learn some basic sensual movement and to build up your confidence before joining our ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ course. You won’t regret it!

I am an ex-gymnast / ballerina / aerial dancer, do I still need to take the ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ class?

We recommend that you take our ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ course so that you can learn the fundamental techniques that are specific and unique to the art of pole dance. Think of your movement like learning a language: you might have a knowledge of French but this doesn’t mean that you will be fluent in Italian! As an alternative, we can arrange a one to one lesson to assess your skill level, acquaint you with the pole and teach you the basic “grammar”. You may then have the option to enter a more advanced level class, suited to your ability.

I have taken pole dance classes before, do I still need to take the ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ course?

‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ is only necessary if you have never taken pole dance classes before, or if it has been a very long time since you last practiced. Please read our complete list of class descriptions so you can see what each class entails and decide which is best for your level. If you are not sure, please call or email us and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs!

If you have more questions and you don’t see the answer here, please hit up our Frequently Asked Questions page below for loads more answers to other questions! Or feel free to contact us so we can chat with you. There’s no such thing as a silly question.

For anyone who is nervous about starting their pole journey, I would tell them just to bite the bullet and sign up for your first class! You’ll meet an amazing group of women (and men) who are on the same journey as you. My friends and family are always in awe of what I can do when I show them photos and videos. It’s a brilliant and very impressive way to break out of your shell, regain or build self-confidence, all while getting fit!