‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ Course for Beginners

Join our community of empowered women with your first month to a new fitness regime, starting Monday August 21st @ 6pm!

Do you feel a heavy sense of boredom looming over you as you think about hitting the gym for the same old mind-numbing workout?

Have you always wanted to join a pole dancing class but you don’t feel confident enough, perhaps you keep telling yourself that you’re not strong enough or flexible enough yet?

It’s time to change the narrative.

Let us help you put the fun back into your routine and have a laugh with other women who are fed up of the same old boring stuff too! You owe it to yourself!

Imagine yourself spinning around the pole to the sound of cheering from your fellow classmates, and that feeling of satisfaction that comes with mastering what you thought was impossible.

This is the program that has helped hundreds of women in Dublin, just like you, to start afresh with their fitness journey, build strength and reclaim their confidence.

For the first 12 who sign up, we are offering a discount on our 4-week ‘Introduction To Pole Dance’ course of 2x workouts per week (Mondays and Wednesdays @ 6pm) at just €125 (normal price €152).

Fill in your details below to apply for one of the 12 available places!

We are looking for those who are willing to ditch their boring workouts for good and join our awesome community of inspired women who lift each other up. You must be able to commit to 2 sessions per week for a minimum 4 week period. Sessions run every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6-7pm, so you MUST be available to apply!

For the first 12 who sign up, we are offering a discount on our 4-week ‘Introduction To Pole Dance’ course of 2x workouts per week at just €125 (normal price €152).

Give us just 4 weeks and we’ll set you on the right path to transforming your body and mind! Upon completion you will have the opportunity to join us as a member and become a part of our empowered community and build lasting results. We believe that fitness and wellbeing should be a lifestyle, not a fad!

Check out what some of our clients have to say!

pole fitness classes for beginners dublin

pole fitness classes for beginners dublin

pole fitness classes for beginners dublin

So what’s included?

  • 2 sessions per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) in our awesomely fun studio with our unique training program
  • Weekly pole dance class, with levels catered for absolute beginners to advanced level students
  • Weekly additional class in flexibility training, strength training, high heels dancing and spinning pole dance
  • Weekly homework and guidance between sessions
  • Accountability and support from Dublin’s best pole dance instructors, who have years of experience, knowledge and qualifications to support you with achieving your longterm goals
  • Access to our amazing private Facebook Group, where you’ll find an incredible and encouraging community of women who, just like you, are all pursuing a fitter, healthier and more fabulous life!

beginner pole dancing classes dublin

Why should you trust your fitness goals with us?

Aside from being recognised as one of the best pole dancing studios in the world by PWN Awards in 2015, the Irish Pole Dance Academy is home to qualified and insured fitness professionals who have trained hundreds of women from all walks of life, helping them to transform their minds and bodies. It’s our purpose, passion and true joy to help and watch the women we work with succeed in achieving their health, fitness and physique goals.

So don’t wait… Join us today!

pole fitness dublin

Not Ready?

Not quite yet ready to make the leap but want to learn more? That’s ok, we have a free report of ‘5 Sexy exercise for a Strong, Toned & Flexible You’ that you can download right away and use anytime, anywhere. Click here to request yours!