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Introduction to Pole Dance Course for Beginners

*COVID-19 Update: Fitness and dance classes are NOT permitted under the government’s plan for reopening until July 5th 2021.

Our next courses will take place on July 5th & 11th.

Please join our ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ online course to get started safely, or please book a private lesson (from June 7th).

First-timer? You're in the right place.

Come join us after July 5th when fitness and dance classes are allowed to resume!

What to do in the meantime? Book a private lesson with us, or join our 'Floorwork Fundamentals' Online course to learn the basics of sensual movement from the safety of your own home! No pole required. Please bear with us as we prepare our courses for July.

So you’re someone who wants to learn pole dancing. We’re going to take a wild guess here, have you always wanted to join a class but have kept putting it off ’til now? Or perhaps you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not strong enough or flexible enough yet, or that you “would break the pole” even if you did try?

We’re used to hearing this kind of thing (and relax, you physically cannot break our poles!), so let us help you in making that first-step easier.

We’ve designed this ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ course for absolute first-timers to help folks to learn the basics of pole dance in a safe, non-judgemental class environment, to get a taste of our supportive community of badass feminists and above all else, to have a bit of a laugh while learning a new skill! From day one you’ll be able to perform a short choreography with your pole.

So now, imagine yourself spinning around the pole to the sound of cheering from your fellow classmates, and that feeling of satisfaction that comes with realising “Hey, I can actually do this!”

Come on, join us!

Fill in your details below to apply for one of the 5 available places per course. Please note: We have waiting lists for this course and are doing our best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible. Please understand that we are working with extreme limitations to work within the government guidance as well as to adhere to high standards of safety, including decontamination of our studio between every class.

Give yourself 6 weeks and we’ll set you on the right path to learning the basics of pole dance and starting your journey onwards and upwards!

So What's included?

  • 1 x 60 minute session per week in our awesomely fun studio with our unique training program.
  • Weekly pole dance technique class in our gorgeous studio in Dublin, catered for absolute beginners where we will teach you basic spins, climbs, floorwork and poses, and how to combine them into sequences of flowing movement.
  • Highly personalized feedback and support given our small class sizes.
  • Complimentary access to our online 6-lesson ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ course.
  • Accountability and support from our deadly pole dance instructors who have years of experience, knowledge and qualifications to support you every step of the way.
  • Access to our private Facebook Group, where you’ll find an encouraging community of people who, just like you, are all pursuing a fitter and more inspired life, and have a great sense of humour!
  • Upon completion of ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’, you will have the opportunity to join our monthly memberships (subject to availability) and continue to learn more advanced pole dance moves and sequences, or you have the option to finish knowing that you’ve mastered all the basics of pole dance.

Special Offer

Due to social distancing this course is now a highly personalized 6-week course with only 5 participants per course. We are offering this at just €159 (normal price €195).

Our next available course is limited to only 5 places to ensure social distancing and will comprise of 6 x 1 hour classes over 6 weeks, with complimentary access to our ‘Floorwork Fundamentals’ 6-lesson course.

For anyone who is nervous about starting their pole journey, I would tell them just to bite the bullet and sign up for your first class! You’ll meet an amazing group of women (and men) who are on the same journey as you. My friends and family are always in awe of what I can do when I show them photos and videos. It’s a brilliant and very impressive way to break out of your shell, regain or build self-confidence, all while getting fit!