Top 9 Instagrammers Every Pole Dancer Must Follow!

Hey all!

As we get to the end of our 4-week challenge, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how awesome it has been seeing all of your video and photo contributions across Facebook and Instagram! It’s truly inspiring to see everyone choosing and recording themselves performing their favourite moves, but also the support and encouragement that you, our clients, give each other in the studio and on social media! You guys are all true rockstars!

Instagram is a popular medium for pole dancers and fitness/health gurus to share their insights, tips and inspiration, and here at the studio we encourage our clients to get involved on there, not only posting but looking outwards for new ideas and inspiration!

We thought it would be a bit of fun to put together a list of our favourite Instragrammers to give you a starting off point for some interesting accounts to follow and be inspired by! These are the top picks from our staff in Dublin and Galway, and is by no means an exhaustive list of the awesome Instagram accounts out there! Have fun browsing and let us know your favourite Instagrammer!

PS: Don’t get too carried away, social media should always be used in moderation 😉

Arlene’s Top Pick:

Sarah Jade (@sarahjadepole)

“My favourite instragrammer is Sarah Jade, because her flow and technique is flawless. She celebrates the joy of sexy as well as keeping things simple on the pole. Plus her insane flexibility is inspiring! Very inspiring for students of all levels!”

sarah jade

Leanne’s Top Pick:

Maddie Sparkle @maddiesparkledancer

“Maddie Sparkle is great, she puts up something every day and is always smiling!”

Kathleen’s Top Pick:

Sergia Louise Anderson (@sergialouise)

“I love the Vertitude… Because they post so many gorgeous flow and choreography stuff!”

Kelly’s Top Pick:

Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

“She shows great videos to build strength and some videos you can do with just body weight ideal for pole!”

Taryn’s Top Pick:

Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga)

“Because she is an inspirational yogi, super flexi and strong for us pole dancers!”

A video posted by Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) on

Racheal’s Top Pick:

Kriston Leagh (@powerpolesports)

“Power Pole Sport are good for tutorials and good visuals!”

Ariel’s Top Pick:

Samantha Starr (@lithiumkitten)

“She has a different style… Very athletic and lots of handstands! Also lots of strength stuff!”

A video posted by Samantha Star (@lithiumkitten) on

Sarah’s Top Pick:

Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams (@nicolethepole)

“Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams is a great inspiration for people, she started learning pole from YouTube videos and has gone on to being a personal trainer and has danced in Rhianna’s video “Pour It Up”! I love the idea she started by just watching videos and become so successful! Watching her videos before I started pole dance that gave me the confidence that anyone can do what they want if they really put their minds to it!”

Olga’s Top Pick:

Doris Arnold (@dorisarnoldpoledancer)

“I was stuck deciding – and decided on Doris Arnold! I love exotic pole as you know 🙂 So this is one more unique style of exotic where you can also pick some moves to bring variety into your free styling!”