Showreel: ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase 2022

bringing sexy back showcase at irish pole dance academy 2022

“Take a bow, you’re a top-class c***
You add to the kitty of craic
Fill them lungs with a well-earned breath
There’s plenty of time for death
No use crying over spilt bap juice
It’s gonna go baps up one of these days
So get your hole up, pull your bleedin’ jocks up
You are your own secret weapon”

Please enjoy this raucous and racy showreel of our ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase 2022, captured by the amazing Oliwia Szafran (IG: @oliweeea)

Our ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase is a safe, body-neutral and intersectionally feminist space where students and instructors of IPDA and friends from the pole dance community come together to joyfully celebrate their love of pole dance, as well as honour it’s important history. Some are professional performers, some are performing for the first time ever. Regardless, each dancer showcased what sexy means to them. Because the concept of ‘sexy’ transcends narrow definitions and knows no boundaries.

A massive thank you to all of our performers and to everyone who came along and supported the event!

This was also our first in-person showcase since 2019, so it was kinda a big deal for us. We hope you get that vibe from watching this video, and that you’ll take something from it. ?

Music: ‘Pull your jocks up’ The Scratch