Video Blog 18: The Scorpio Handstand

This trick was made famous by Alethea Austin…

The good news is that you don’t have to be a pole dance goddess like Alethea in order to be able to do this trick! All you need is a good inside leg hang and strong wrists to hold yourself in a handstand. If you missed last week’s ‘Inside Leg Hang / Scorpio’ tutorial, click here.

This is another trick that looks good no matter what shape you are and how flexible you are; it will give you that long-legged look!

Be sure to practice it on both sides and in no time you’ll see your strength and flexibility improve!

Watch ‘Scorpio Handstand’ Video Blog below or click here!

I also recommend watching this video of Alethea Austin. You can see her doing the handstand at 1:14. Check out her awesome transitions!

Pole love,

Arlene xx

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