Video Blog 19: The Porno Handstand!

Don’t be scared by the name of this one! It may be called ‘The Porno’ but I can assure you it doesn’t involve anything too risqué 😉

By popular request, a tutorial to help you master this trick! This trick is essentially a really cool pole to floor transition. It was made famous by Aussie pole dance queen, Felix Cane (hence the cheeky name). All you need is a good strong invert, a bit of wrist strength and hip flexibility. I’ll also go through ways that you can conquer this move if you don’t have the most flexible straddle.

It’s a very fun trick that can add the x factor to your dancing! When done properly, it never gets boring and never fails to impress! Have fun adding it to your dancing!

Watch ‘The Porno Handstand’ Video Blog below or click here!

Have fun with this one!

Pole love,

Arlene xx