Video Blog 40: Trucker Girl with Special Guest Sarah Blackmilk

Hey everyone!

We are officially into Back Arch March, which means lots of backbendy fun for all! This week I have an extra special tutorial that features my good friend from England, Sarah Blackmilk! Sarah will break down a classic floorwork move, the Trucker Girl, with variations for beginner, intermediate and advanced. No matter what level you’re at, there’s no reason to not try it!

Back Arch March is a challenge that has originated from the magical pole dance community on the internet, and was possibly first created by Kino Yoga. The aim of the challenge to get involved and work on your back flexibility, whether you already have a flexible back or not (if you don’t, all the more reason to get involved!). The aim is to post a photo or video of your training everyday throughout the month of March, hopefully this tutorial will be a good place to get you started!

As with all training, be sure to practice a thorough warm up, take your time and listen to your own body. Safety first kids!

Sarah Blackmilk is a pole dancer from Yeovil in the south of England. She is famous for her slinky, controlled style in exotic dance and her bendy back. She is the winner of ‘Dance Filthy UK 2015’ as well as ‘Pole Theatre UK Classique Amateur Level 2015’. You can catch her on tour throughout the UK and Europe, as well as here at IPDA 😉

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I recommend mastering the forward shoulder roll before trying the advanced variation that Sarah demonstrates in today’s video, you can revisit the tutorial here.

Watch ‘Trucker Girl Tips & Tricks)’ video blog below or click here!

Happy backbending!

Arlene Caffrey

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