Video Blog 8: Inverted Fundamentals: Outside Leg Hang

Building on from the previous ‘Inverted Fundamentals’ series, I’m going to talk about the Outside Leg Hang today (also known as Gemini). It’s another move that I would consider to be the ‘foundation’ of all inverted tricks on the pole. It can build onto more advanced moves such as the Butterfly, Shooting Star, Jade Split, Cupid… The list is endless.

Having a solid Outside Leg Hang is ESSENTIAL before moving to more advanced tricks! I can’t stress enough just how important it is to give time to mastering this trick ON BOTH SIDES (if you want to want to go on to becoming the best pole dancer that you can be). Be patient, and give yourself the time to learn this move; it can take time. If you’re more advanced and can do this trick already, be sure to watch this video to refresh your technique and nip any bad habits in the bud.

Watch ‘Inverted Fundamentals: Outside Leg Hang’ Video Blog below or click here!

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