Video Blog 37: Side Spin (And Tips & Tricks for Nailing your Nemesis Move!)

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year! As we get stuck into the first week of normality and normal training here at IPDA and Studio 53! Time to think about goal-setting and New Year’s resolutions… One of my New Year’s resolutions is to focus on my nemesis moves and my weaknesses and turning them into my strengths!

We all have those nemesis moves and exercises… You know, the ones that you can’t seem to perfect no matter how many times you try? Today I’m going to break down an old nemesis move of mine, the Side Spin, and share some tips on how to beat those nasty nemeses!

1. If at first you don’t succeed, try again!
This is an obvious one. How many times have you nailed a pole trick or exercise the first time trying it? Very few, I would imagine, as is normal for every student! 😉 Persistence and repetition are necessary for mastering any pole trick, and unfortunately this takes time. Don’t beat yourself up over not having perfect every single move you’ve ever been taught!

2. Regular training
Coming to the studio as often as you cab is a great way to build your strength, flexibility and technique in a steady and progessive manner, which is why we recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per week. Training at home is also good! Here at the studio our team of expert instructors are on hand to help you overcome any obstacles that you may be facing, as well as our awesome community! This support and encouragement will help you to ace those nemesis tricks!

3. Attending Sunday ‘Pole Play’ Training Sessions
Remember ladies, we are open every Sunday for Pole Play open training! This 2-hour session is designed to give you extra time to focus on the areas where you may need to improve. There’s always at least one instructor on hand to help you! This is where I see students smash through their nemesis tricks and make massive leaps in progress. It will work for you too!

4. Visualisation
Ok it sounds cheesy, but using visualisation is awesome for helping you to overcome any obstacle (not just in your training, but in life also!). Find aome quiet time, spend some time thinking about that which you want to improve. Close your eyes and see yourself performing that move or doing that thing that you want to achieve, so smoothly and so easily as if you’ve always been able to do it. It’s important to include feelings to make the visualisation more real; how will nailing that trick make you feel? Ecstatic? Include those feelings in your visualisation! The reason why visualisation is so powerful is because the body and the mind are strongly interlinked, my physiotherapist has always told me “go there in your mind and you will go there in your body”. There has been a lot of research and studies made about the effects of visualisation on athletes which will explain the theory (a quick Google search will pull these up!), I won’t make this blog longer than it has to be 😉

Watch ‘Side Spin’ video blog below or click here!

Pole Love,

Arlene xx

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