My New Morning Ritual

Hey all!

So the mornings are still very dark, especially now that we are at the coldest time of the year it can be difficult to get going in the mornings. I wanted to share with you one of my favourite morning rituals, it helps me to get my day going in a tasty (and healthy) way!

Santa was kind enough to bring me a Nutri Ninja blender for Christmas, and yes, I realize how sad that sounds but don’t worry he also brought me new Pleaser heels! I feel that there is a lot to be said for having a good blender in helping to make eating healthier that bit easier. I was previously using a hand held blender for my morning smoothies, so this Nutri Ninja makes my life much, much easier!!!

This is my current favourite morning smoothie, but it can also be drank anytime during the day. If you’re a coffee lover, you will enjoy this!

Almond Banana Coffee Awesomeness

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1 ripe banana
400ml almond milk
2 teaspoons instant coffee*
2 teaspoons Iswari Macaccino powder**
1 teaspoon almond butter

*You can substitute instant coffee for any type of cold coffee that you like, and in whatever quantity you like, so feel free to add more/less. I find with 2 teaspoons I can still taste the coffee among the other ingredients and I like that.

**Iswari Macaccino powder is pretty awesome! Iswari are an Irish company making superfood products, and you can buy their goods in most health food shops. Maccachino powder has maca, raw cacao, coconut sugar as it’s ingredients, and is intended to be a healthy coffee alternative! But hey, I like mixing it in with my coffee 🙂

Add banana, coffee, Maccacino powder, almond butter and almond to your blender and blend until smooth! It’s that easy.

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What I love most about this one is how quick it is to prepare, and how it tastes! Feel free to experiment with the quantities and with substituting ingredients. Most importantly, let me know if you enjoyed it or not!

Arlene xx