Member Spotlight: Marita

marita during pole fitness class

A common thread with many of our members and folks who talk to us everyday about joining our pole dancing classes, is body image. We could go on a rant about this topic as it’s something that we feel very passionate about here at IPDA, but we’ll spare you that! 😉 

Body image is certainly something that affects most of us, regardless of gender and circumstance. Our member of the month, Marita, is no different and will share with you in her own words about her own journey with improving her self image and her body confidence by her regular practice of pole dancing and taking the time to work on herself. We’ve seen her come a long way since she joined us!

pole dancing classes for beginners dublin city“I started pole dancing, because like many of us, other forms of exercise would come in and out of my life and nothing would stick. I joined in July 2019, and know I have found much more than just a way to get fit.

I was always in and out of different hobbies, but other than the one term of ballet when I was 4, I had zero dance background. Unless you want to include those drunken nights out on the dancefloors in town! So pole dance was quite far out of my comfort zone, particularly as I’ve struggled with my body image for years!

In my second class I cried looking at myself in the mirror because I didn’t like what I saw. Since then I’ve realised it’s not about what you see, it’s how you feel and how the people, instructors and environment at IPDA empowers you, and encourages you to believe your worth. It’s a very unique community at IPDA, one that makes you feel at home and at ease, with zero pressure to nail a move, but a cheer when you get close to encourage you to keep trying. I have also realised that although everyone around me can spur me on, I really have to put the hard work in, and usually i just run myself into the ground with work, but pole dancing is just for me so working at it makes it so much sweeter. 

I would love to perform in a showcase at IPDA, and currently that’s my goal, to come up with a routine and feel confident in performing it. The people at the studio who are more advanced than myself really make me strive to keep going and get better seeing how far they have come.

To anyone who is thinking of joining, I could not recommend IPDA enough. It’s changed my perspective on my body, it has been good for my anxiety to get out and try something new, and I’m now part of a very special community that encourages women and men to be who they are and express themselves in their own style. IPDA gives you the stepping stones to be amazing at pole, even with no background in dance. I can say without hesitation I have never felt better or more confident in my own skin.