Online Classes now Live!

arlene caffrey teaching online pole dancing class

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone is keeping safe and well at this strange time. Here is an update on our situation in regards to Covid-19 and an announcement about our new online classes that we are offering here at Irish Pole Dance Academy! As per government orders, we will keeping the studio shut at this time and until further notice. We’re following the news like everyone else in this situation, so we have no idea as to how long we are going to be physically closed for unfortunately.

I’m delighted that we are now able to offer a structured schedule of weekly live classes, now that we know we’re going to be closed for at least the next 3 weeks (according to Leo Varadkar), but probably longer.

Here is our schedule of online classes:

online pole dancing fitness classes dublin

6pm: Flexibility

6pm: Conditioning 

1pm: Ballet Barre for Pole: This a brand new class: In this 45-minute lunchtime express class, Mich will not just give you a good honest workout for the entire body and make you feel muscles that you didn’t know you had, she will help you to improve your leg lines, toe points and ‘port de bras’ (ie: having gorgeous arm lines). This class will have plenty of exercises for your butt as well as ballet moves to compliment pole work, focusing on clean lines that we can transfer to our pole tricks as soon as we are back to the studio. You will be glad you took these classes!)

6pm: Exotic Dance (Note: You NEED to have a pole at home for this class. If you don’t have a pole, remember that you can order from Lupit Pole and avail of our members discount: IRISHPOLE123.)

6pm: Floorwork

6pm: Conditioning

Important points:

    • We will be streaming these classes with Zoom, so you will need to set up an account and download their app (it’s free but it can take a few minutes to set up, so please do that now if you want to take these classes!).
    • As these online classes are a new medium for us, as always, we may add more classes if there is a demand and similarly we may remove classes from the schedule if there is not enough demand. As always, please give us your feedback and please do show up of you want these classes to go ahead!
    • You can register for these classes using our normal TeamUp software, go to our schedule and register as you normally would! The Zoom link for these classes will be sent to you once you register your attendance.
    • As memberships will remain paused, we have decided at a price of just €10 per class will apply to the above online classes. I am very conscious that so many of us are out of work right now and I feel that having a small drop-in fee will give you the freedom of choice to sign up if you are in a position to do so, without the pressure of monthly membership payments until we are out of this weird and uncertain situation.
    • These classes with NOT be recorded or available to stream afterwards. They are LIVE; we want you to be in the moment with us and we also want to respect your privacy.
    • Please note, the same cancellation policies will apply to these classes as our normal classes.

If you are not in a position to join us for our live classes, please remember that we also have the following free and minimal-cost options to continue training:

    • 50 free follow-along tutorials on our YouTube channel for pole dance and floorwork.
    • 300+ follow-along tutorials and lessons on my Learn Online tutorials page in floorwork, conditioning, chair dance and choreography (no pole required, only €19 monthly) and in pole dance tricks and choreography (€29 monthly inc. non-pole lessons). More tutorials added on an ongoing basis!

Myself and the team are really excited about these new online classes and I hope that they will help you to stay motivated, fit and less-stressed for this strange time that we live in. My hope is that with these regular classes, once you return to the studio and get back to normality, you will feel that you have gained strength and flexibility as well as increased confidence with your movement. You’ll be able to transfer these skills to your pole tricks and feel refreshed and ready to build onwards and upwards!

I hope to see you online!

Arlene xx