Member Spotlight: Sinéad

Although it’s been a long January, here at IPDA HQ our members have kicked off the New Year with easing themselves back into their pole dance training and working towards their goals. We’d like to share with you the story of one such powerhouse, Sinéad, and hope that her words will bring you inspiration and motivation!

Sinéad came to us not only wanting to get physically strong, but to improve her self-confidence following a stressful encounter in her personal life. She has certainly surpassed her goals as you can see from her impressive mastery of pole tricks! Not only this, she shows up regularly and demonstrates that a little bit of consistency and a calm mindset has a big pay-off over time.

She will share with you how pole dancing can be useful in learning how to get out of your own way and letting go of self-imposed limitations:

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“One of my friends took up pole dancing about a year before me and the changes I saw, not just in her body, but in her self-confidence and mood, really impressed me. Then I saw a show where a pole dancer performed and I was blown away by her strength, athleticism and beauty so it sealed the deal on trying pole. My perspective on what pole dancing was really changed. I always thought it was cool and sexy but didn’t realize how athletic and awesome it was also until then.

I needed a bit of a self-confidence boost at the time as I was going through a horrible situation at work that I was bringing home so I thought pole might help having seen the difference in my friend. The other thing was although I’d run marathons, I’d never been strong. No matter how many gym programs or body pump classes I went too, I never seemed to gain upper body strength or really tone up so seeing how strong pole dancers were made me think it was worth trying.

I have two left feet and no coordination when it comes to dancing so I was worried I’d look ridiculous in a dance class. I also joined just before my 36th birthday and was worried I’d be older than everyone else beginning pole dancing and would everyone think I was trying to hard to be young and cool. I got over myself on both counts quick enough.

Before I joined, I had zero dance experience. I had run marathons up until a few years ago and had gone to different gyms on and off over the years but hadn’t really exercised on a regular basis in about two years before taking up pole.

I’ve definitely experienced the same confidence boost I’ve seen in my friend. It’s really cool to be able to take up something in your mid-thirties and see improvement and growth each week. I’m really happy with my body in a way I haven’t been before. It’s able to do things I wouldn’t have thought possible. I’m so much stronger and more flexible than a year ago. I definitely feel sexier and comfortable with my body from that perspective too.

Eventually I’ll get my full splits and I’ve promised myself that I’m going to have an awesome pole routine lined up for my 40th birthday!

learn pole dancing in dublinMy favourite thing is that Irish Pole Dance Academy is super friendly; everyone encourages and cheers for each other. There’s no body judgement so it’s a really safe, welcoming environment. Everyone can progress at their own pace and concentrate on the areas of pole they enjoy without any pressure.

I googled for pole dance studios near my office and loved that there was a four week course for complete beginners at Irish Pole Dance Academy so I wouldn’t be launched into an intimidating class of people spinning upside down.

To anyone thinking of learning how to pole dance, it’s so much fun and not at all intimidating. No one cares what you look like in tiny shorts but everyone will cheer you on the first time you manage a chair spin.