Get Swayed: An Interview with Agata Jurago-Pach of Sway Polewear

agata jurago sway polewear interview

Here at IPDA we’re massive fans of Sway Polewear. Having known Agata Jurago-Pach, the amazing human behind the brand, for many years, I wanted to have a semi-formal sit down with her to chat about Sway’s mission, the intricate processes that go into the creation of the pole wear and how investing in well-made items can have a more a positive effect for the Earth.

Agata is no stranger to IPDA, having performed at many of our Showcases and taken part in more classes than we can count! I hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about her as she talks about herself and her pole journey alongside how Sway is made. There’s also a sneaky peak of some new Sway items as well as future collaborations, such as the #GetSwayed Challenge with The Chrome Bar!

Watch the entire chat below:

Where to find Sway Polewear:
Sway Polewear’s Facebook Page
Sway Polewear’s Instagram Page

You can also avail of some sweet Sway swag on our webstore here!

agata jurago of sway polewear

Here are some additional words from Agata: “Thank you Arlene for the interview – I was super excited and tiny bit nervous so I want to add those links to compliment what I was saying:You can find all the info about fabrics and materials we use under this link:

Please check how we try to approach sustainability since founding Sway:

To one of your last questions I realised after that I didn’t say the full names of my friends that I admire and that are my great inspiration. They also have helped me a lot from the very beginning and I want to thank them so much for it: Rhiannon White @redrhi, Sarah Blackmilk @sblackmilk, Leanne Cummins @leannedancedance, and my lovely host Arlene Caffrey @arlenecaffrey. I would be nothing without you, my friends <3