Arlene Caffrey pole dancing on Ireland AM with Sophie White

arlene caffrey pole dancing on ireland am with sophie white

Did you catch Arlene Caffrey live on Ireland AM last week with journalist and pole dance student Sophie White? You can watch the interview and demonstration below!

Arlene and Sophie briefly demonstrated some moves while chatting to the presenters about learning pole dancing online during the pandemic, recovery from covid-19, the mental and physical health benefits to pole dancing, the importance of respecting the origins of pole dance and examining one’s own internalised misogyny! A lovely chat for a Thursday morning!

Note: When Arlene mentioned that pole dancing may not change your life, what she means is that it is very important to acknowledge that pole dancing is not a ‘silver bullet’ that will magically cure all of your woes. It is a great form of exercise that has many mental health benefits, but it should never be used as a substitute for therapy when dealing with healing trauma. We always want to be responsible when it comes to mental health here at IPDA!