Video Blog 33: The most wonderful time of the year!

Hey all!

Ahh it’s Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year!

Halloween is my favourite time of year, not only because I get to dress up in black clothes and white make-up (I have always wanted to be a goth), but because of the great traditions we have for this time of year in Ireland. I love carving pumpkins, listening to scary sounding rock music as well as watching all of the classic scary films. Like the Exorcist.

So today’s tutorial is another floorwork trick that’s very popular here at both of our studios in Dublin and Galway, the ‘Exorcist’! Named after the classic film of course!

This is a very easy trick to do and it makes you look like you’ve got a crazy flexible back (hence why it’s named after the Exorcist!). Adding this into your floorwork can create a nice dramatic moment and a chance to really grab your audience’s attention! It will also improve your back flexibility. Be warned, you may get a bruise on your shoulder from practicing this!

So have fun getting into the Halloween spirit, and send me your videos of your dancing and your creative use of the ‘Exorcist’!

Watch ‘The Exorcist’ video blog below or click here!

Pole love,

Arlene xx