Video Blog 42: Floor Pirouette (Part 2)

Hey everyone!

Here is Part 2 to last month’s ‘Floor Pirouette’ tutorial. Hopefully you all nailed the basic version of this spin, now let’s take it to the next level!

Like the first Floor Pirouette, this spin is achievable for all levels; it looks great, adds flow to your dancing and is a great way to link floorwork and bottom-third pole movements together. Every pole dancer needs this in their repertoire 😉

Like all flow, this little spin can be tricky to get right. So I’ve created this tutorial to help you avoid making the commonly made mistakes that I see in videos doing the rounds on social media.

The aim of this tutorial is to help you master the second variation of the Floor Pirouette in a fluid, controlled and comfortable manner. I do recommended wearing knee pads and socks (or even better, a nice pair of 6inch or 7inch heels!). This pirouette takes practice and you will find your flow with it, be patient with yourself and enjoy the learning process!

If you haven’t already tried the first floor pirouette, I recommend checking out my tutorial here to help you to get to grips with it!

Watch ‘Floor Pirouette (Part 2)’ video blog below or click here!

To your success,

Arlene Caffrey xx

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