Member Spotlight: Renee

I’m delighted to bring you our latest Member Spotlight: this month it’s Renee!

Here at IPDA we find that people decide to try pole dancing for many reasons and goals, usually much more than to “get fit” or “lose weight”. Renee joined us after she went through some big life changes following the end of a relationship, which prompted her to get back to her love of dance. We’ve seen Renee not only conquer the pole but also reclaim her self confidence and reinvent her self-image, which is an inspiration to all of our members! Read her story below!

“My pole journey started a year ago when my long-term relationship broke down and I was looking for something fun and new to get me out of the house. I never saw the appeal of going to a gym, but I’ve always loved dancing so after Googling ‘Dance Classes Dublin’, IPDA was the first result that came up! I’d never considered doing a pole class before but reading other member spotlights (like the one I’m writing right now), piqued my interest so I signed up for the ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ course. I was also comforted by the fact that there was no experience required as I wasn’t previously exercising.

After the first class, I realised just how much skill goes into pole and was in awe of the instructors at IPDA! Even though I couldn’t manage the spin we were taught in the first class, the Fireman Spin, I fell in love with pole! I can now even say that it’s the easiest move to do (ta-dahh progress!).

Many years ago, I worked in a promotional company where we travelled around Ireland performing and teaching Line-Dancing. I look back on those days as some of the best times of my life and am happy to say I get that same joy from pole dancing now. Even when I’m having a bad day and I’m tired – I make the effort to go to class because I know I can’t help but feel better after! I have a pole at home too and my sons love it and want to learn also!

The teachers at the studio are all so supportive but so are the other members! My favourite thing about my experience at IPDA is the camaraderie between all the members, there is no showing off or competitiveness and when somebody finally gets a move they were struggling with, the whole class cheers for them and genuinely means it!

I stuck with pole because it was fun but after months of doing it the physical results are clear, I feel stronger and more energised and my body looks more toned. I’ve also become more confident in my body, but this confidence has also spread to all aspects of my life! Now I’m pole obsessed and just want to continue to improve. My goal is to one day perform in the showcases at IPDA alongside the other amazing polers!

The only regret I have is that I didn’t discover pole sooner (I could’ve had a career in it by now!) so my advice for anyone on the fence of joining is: don’t hesitate and just give it a go!