Member Spotlight: Órla

I’m delighted to bring you our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Órla!

Órla is a tattoo artist based in Dublin. When she’s not tattooing or dancing she can be found napping in the nearest small space. She’s been doing ballet on and off since age 13 and has been pole dancing here at IPDA for just over a year. With impeccably pointed toes, Órla is another one of our members who quietly and calmly demonstrates her empowered sense of self and inspires those around her. Read her story here…

pole dancing dublin“I started pole dancing to get strong; that was the main thing that sparked me looking for a new kind of exercise. The gym felt too unstructured and I had done ballet on and off for years, so I wanted to find something new and exciting. I had a bad relationship with my body for years and it was important to me to reclaim it. The strength, control and flexibility of pole dancers really struck something in me and I started to look for classes. Pretty much as soon as I found IPDA’s website, I inquired about signing up.

I found an instant comfort at IPDA. It feels like you’re coming back to a place you’re already known and accepted, but there’s always something different going on so there’s familiarity without boredom.

My view on myself has massively improved since joining. I’m forced to eat better and more often to fuel my body, I feel more connected with my body and I can trust myself more. I’ve gotten significantly stronger and it’s given me a lot more confidence. Every time I learn and nail a new move or combination, it makes my day and I feel such a sense of accomplishment.

I performed at the anniversary showcase recently which felt like a huge achievement, to be able to perform a routine I created in front of a crowd of mostly strangers. I also managed to do a pretzel spins a few weeks ago which is a move that I’ve been dying to get.

My favourite experiences at IPDA have been the other people I’ve gotten to connect with, the patience and kindness of the teachers, and the empowerment it gives you. I walk out of class every time ready to take on anything.

I encourage anyone I talk to about pole to take up classes! And to those who’ve started dancing recently, I recommend videoing at the end of each class to see your progress. You’ll be amazed how much steady improvement you make without realising.”