Our Clients Laura and Cordelia talk about ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ on Near FM!

‘Bringing Sexy Back’ is now finished for another year! However we have one more

Last week two of our clients Laura Ellen Ford and Cordelia Okoye were featured on Near FM to talk about UPA’s ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Week and our studio showcase that we held for the occsassion. Near FM’s ‘Body & Soul’ show last week?

Vivien of Near FM’s ‘Body and Soul’ Show speaks to our ladies about how sexy pole dance compares to pole fitness, the benefits of pole dance for everyone and just what it means for women to own their sexuality, both in pole dance class and in life in general.

Listen to Part 1 of this feature here, where Laura talks to Vivien about the “fear of sexy” and how every woman needs to find something that makes them feel strong, both inside and out.

pole fitness dublin

Listen to Part 2 of the feature here, where Cordelia talks to Vivien about how she overcame her nerves to make her first pole dance performance and how she finds pole dance and dancing in heels to be an intense aerobic workout which is as tough as running or swimming: “For me it’s been a route to accepting my body, loving myself, whatever size I am. And really enjoying my body for what it can do rather than focusing on this little imperfection or that little imperfection…”

pole fitness dublin

We are so proud of both Laura and Cordelia how they embody the spirit of community and support that we strive to create here at Irish Pole Dance Academy! Thank you ladies!!!

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