Video Blog 48: Inside Leg Roll Tutorial

Hey everyone!

I’m delighted to share another tutorial with you all. This one is what we call the ‘inside leg roll’ here at IPDA; it’s an old classic ‘bottom third’ pole dance transition. This move is achievable for any poler at any level, and in future tutorials I will share more advanced variations of this move.

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Though this move is achievable for all, it can be easy to get confused and not understand where momentum is coming from.

Here’s a little checklist of the key points to consider while working on this move:

  • Ensure that the pole is at rib level as you lie beside the pole
  • Lift your hips high, into a shoulder stand to begin the move
  • No need to place the inside leg high on the pole, as long as you get it in at the back of the knee
  • Use your outside leg whip to start off your momentum and continue your spin by rolling on your bum and moving your upper body in the direction of the spin
  • You can place the inside hand above the inside knee once your bum reaches the floor

Watch the video below for a full step by step breakdown of the inside leg roll:

Try this move and share your progress with the inside leg roll on the Irish Pole Dance Academy Facebook Member’s Only Group and on Instagram @irishpoledanceacademy!

To your success,

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