Happy IWD 2022!

Happy International Womens Day 2022 from Irish Pole Dance Academy

Wishing you all an intersectional and inclusive International Women’s Day!

To celebrate IWD this year, I have used a percentage of the net income from all of IPDA from last month (meaning the money from memberships, class sign-ups, courses, online subscriptions, knee pads and other products bought, everything!) and used this to buy a load of period products which I dropped off at my local Moldova Store to be sent to folks in Ukraine, who are facing period poverty as a result of the war.

irish pole dance academy donation for ukraine

I’m not sharing this seeking validation or praise, I simply want y’all to know that your custom to our small business is being paid forward to help others.

I feel it’s also important to remember that when we feel overwhelmed to make a change in the world, we can use our power to do small acts of compassion. Whether we donate money, time or physical goods to important causes, organize fundraisers, attend protests or rallies, or simply share useful info on our social media platforms (why not, it’s free!), all our actions add up to making the world a more fair and compassionate place.

Here’s to everyone who is striving for change today, to create a fairer world for everyone.

arlene caffrey international womens day 2022