Video Blog 38: Shoulder Stand Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone!

Today I’d like to share some tips and tricks of another of my favourite floorwork tricks right now, the shoulder stand! It’s a pretty hot trick trick right now and is also one that I like to include in my own floorwork and dancing.

A funny story about this move; my boyfriend Padraig, who is a GAA fan (and typical Irishman), shows me this photo below and says “That sort of looks like what you do in your floorwork”. I can’t argue because I think I see what he means, I only hope that I look more graceful than this…

pole dancing shoulder stand

The aim of this tutorial is to help you master this move in a fluid, controlled and comfortable manner, so that you look and feel more elegant and graceful than the hurling player above! 😉 It can be a tricky one to master, so be sure to practice lots and lots, use a yoga mat and stretch your neck and shoulders before and after practicing.

There are many variations of this move, so it will be a two-part tutorial. So stay tuned for part two coming soon! 😉

Watch ‘Shoulder Stand Tips & Tricks (Part 1)’ video blog below or click here!

Pole Love,

Arlene (more-sexy-than-a-GAA-player) Caffrey xx

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