Video Blog 16: 3 Steps to Nailing the Floor Jade!

So the Floor Jade or #floorjade is a hot one on social media right now… And you can see why; it’s a beautiful pose that makes your legs looks super long and sexy, and makes for a great photo! It’s a trick that looks very easy to do, but you can run into problems along the way, such as finding that elusive point of balance! So here’s a little tutorial to help you to master it.

To do this trick you need:

  1. strong wrists
  2. strong core
  3. active splits (ie: lots of butt strength)

If you’re a beginner, check out the ‘Ass on a Platter’ variation at the start of this video, and the exercise using the pole as a balance aid.

Watch the ‘3 Steps to Nailing your Floor Jade!’ video below or click here!

Be sure to share your floor jade photos and use the hashtag #floorjade!

Happy splitting,

Arlene Caffrey xx