How to get the most out of ‘Bringing Sexy Back 2016’

Tomorrow the most wonderful time of the year kicks off: ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Week!

Traditionally every July, the Pole Dance world celebrates ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Week (confusingly, over 2 weeks).Those of you who are new to pole dance, or even just new to the idea of sexy pole dance, are probably wondering what this means and what does it involve? I’ve written this blog to help you to understand the meaning of ‘Brining Sexy Back’ and I’ve put together a few tips to help you to get the most out of the week!

bringing sexy back

This year ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ takes place between 7-24th of July. It is an online initiative from United Pole Artists, who started the campaign back in 2012.

The purpose of ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Week is for Pole Dance enthusiasts of all levels, ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, etc. to come together online to express, share and celebrate what sexy means to them. This invitation extends to every pole dance enthusiast and the overarching message is: “What makes you FEEL sexy is what IS sexy. Period.”

This can come in any and every form. Dancing in heels, bootyshaking, hair flicks, heel bangs, dancing barefoot, dancing lyrically, fast music, slow music, lots of pole tricks, hardly any pole tricks, lots of floorwork, not much floorwork… Endless possibilities and just doing and expressing whatever makes you feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin.

So, how does one get involved? Here are 5 easy steps. Let’s go!

1. Mindset

bringing sexy back

This is the most important step of all, not just for ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ week, but for life! And dare I say it can be the most challenging step. Can you relate to any of the following?

“I’m clumsy”
“I’m as awkward as a sack of potatoes”
“I can’t dance”
“I’m just a beginner, I’m not good enough yet”
“I’m just not naturally sexy!”
–> This is one that I used to say all the time!

As a beginner pole dancer it’s very normal to have these limiting beliefs and lack of certainty in your ability. The good news is that ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ is open to everyone to take part in and is a fun challenge to step outside of your comfort zone. Not only this, it is an easy way to start to develop your own style of dance, as you explore the idea of what ‘sexy’ means to you.

Remember, at the end of the day ‘sexiness’ boils down to confidence and how a person carries themselves.

It’s time to let go of old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and become the best possible version of yourself that you can be, not just in pole but in all areas of life! Let’s become more confident with our movement and within our own skins.

2. Where to start with ‘Bringing Sexy Back’?

So now that you’ve decided that you want to express what sexy means to you, it can be overwhelming looking at all of the online excitement and hype about ‘Bringing Sexy Back’. You’re very normal if you feel daunted by the very idea of getting started. The easiest way to start with ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ is to block off some time on your calendar now to attend your pole classes or Pole Play open practice sessions between now and July 24th. Remember that we have two Exotic Dance classes on our schedule which are designed to focus on the ‘traditional’ idea of sexy pole dance (i.e: dancing in heels, taking your time with your movement and feeling the music). You can also practice at home if you have a pole at home, but blocking time off is crucial! The two weeks of the event tend to fly by, so don’t leave it too late to get involved!

Once you have blocked off some time for pole, make a commitment to make at least one photo or one short video of your own training during that session (with the permission of your teacher and any classmates who might make ‘cameos’ in your video of course!). You can pre-plan your pics and videos by spending 5 minutes before you leave for your session making a braindump of your most favourite poses, tricks, spins and floorwork that you would like to capture. I recommend choosing ones that you can already comfortably and confidently perform.

Another good idea can be to pick 2 spins or tricks that you can already do well and to link them together using 2-3 floorwork moves. This is just a starting point, feel free to make a longer sequence! During your session your instructor will invite you to take 5 mins to practice, (or if you attend Pole Play you will have 2 hours to do this) and this is where you can practice your moves and record your progress.

3. Recording photos and videos

bringing sexy back

Making photos and videos of your training above is hugely important so that you can review your progress. Most people find this extremely difficult and don’t feel comfortable watching themselves back on video or in photos. It’s normal that you’ll focus on the parts that you feel you didn’t get right, or see things that you don’t like (which can be anything from noticing a not fully pointed toe, to the way your hair looks!). Those of you who are already making photos and videos of your training might be able to relate to this!

It’s time to flip this notion on it’s head. Here’s a thought, how about focusing on what you did right and the parts that you feel look really good? It’s possible that you will surprise yourself with your own progress and your amazingness, when viewed with fresh eyes!

When you start to record videos of yourself make a commitment to keep on going, even if you feel that your training is not going as planned! Don’t beat yourself up over any ‘mistakes’, you are human and those are to be expected. Even the pro polers such as Cleo the Hurricane have ‘bloopers’!

4. Sharing and uploading to social media

bringing sexy back

Remember that you are not obliged to upload or share any of your photos or videos, but you are encouraged to get involved with the online pole dance community and to share your photos / videos using the hashtags #UniteWithSexy and #SexyBack2016, and of course tagging United Pole Artists!

This can be very scary to those who are new to the idea of sharing their pole dance training with the greater online community. My advice here is to not let the fear of being judged hold you back! The online pole community is extremely supportive, and is also made up of beginner polers just like you! There is only support and encouragement to be found here. So don’t hold back! Also remember that your photo or video might be the inspiration to another person who is looking to join ‘Bringing Sexy Back’, or even to someone who is looking to try out pole dancing for the first time!

Don’t forget to join in the ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ fun with us here at IPDA by sharing on our Facebook page and on Instagram @irishpoledanceacademy! You can also share on our Facebook Member’s Only Group.

5. Supporting fellow ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ comrades

The online pole community is wonderful, supportive and fantastic in every way. However, online dialogue has to work both ways… It is important to be open to ‘liking’, supporting and encouraging other polers who are also participating in ‘Bringing Sexy Back’, as much as it is important to be open to sharing your own content! Your words of kindness could make all the difference to someone who is nervous about sharing their ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ contribution; you could make someone’s day and help them to develop their own confidence!

Think of it as good karma 😉

*Bonus Step!* 6. Attend our ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase on July 9th!

bringing sexy back

On Saturday July 9th we are having a small showcase at IPDA HQ with performances from our students, instructors and special guests including Sarah Blackmilk (pictured above), Rhiannon White, Catríona Kenny, Stacey Spykes, Cleo Elanor and Lauren Elise King!

This event is open to all IPDA clients and their family / friends. We encourage you to join us and support your fellow classmates as they take to the ‘stage’ and showcase their training within the comfortable confines of our studio. You will also get to see professional performances from our special guests who are travelling from outside Dublin (some coming from as far as Hong Kong!) to perform for us; you will be inspired and entertained for the evening!

The event kicks off at 8pm with performances starting at 8:30pm sharp. Come and join us as we celebrate ‘Bringing Sexy Back’!

To your success,
‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Poster Girl 2015

bringing sexy back

PS: Always wanted to try pole dancing? Click here to request a free consultation and we will help you on your way to becoming stronger, sexier and more flexible!