5 Truths For Finding Good Pole Dance Instructors

So you’ve made the leap and have decided that you are ready to take up pole dancing classes.

You’ve been curious for a while now to know what the whole ‘pole fitness’ thing is about. You’ve heard the amazing success stories of how pole dancing has transformed the lives of many women not just in Ireland but all over the world, helping them to gain upper body strength, abs of steel, legs for days and new levels of self-esteem and confidence! You’ve seen the Youtube videos of women with mad skills performing beautiful and gravity defying stunts with the pole. You’ve researched local classes and studios; now your time has come to gain strength, flexibility, confidence and more!

But not all pole dance instructors are created equal, so how do you find the right pole dance instructor or studio for YOU?

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The team here at IPDA are here to help you!

1. They must be qualified to teach.

Sounds very basic and obvious I know! Nowadays it is a piece of cake to become certified in as a fitness instructor. But a few hundred euros invested and a weekend of training doesn’t make someone an expert. Look for a qualified instructor who has years of training and teaching experience under their belts. There is a big difference between a “certified instructor” and a “qualified professional”. Additional things to look out for include certifications outside of the pole dance industry, including yoga, pilates, personal training, ballet, gymnastics, etc.; this way you know your instructor has invested the time necessary to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional and is fully able to work with a wide range of clients.

There is also a massive difference between a qualified instructor and someone who has taken a few pole dancing classes and declared themselves qualified to teach, or someone who has recently won an amateur pole dancing competition and considers it a license for teaching others (yes I realise this sounds crazy, but unfortunately it happens all too frequently!). Pole dancing is just like any other fitness pursuit and requires study and knowledge of the human body and mechanics, so don’t put yourself at risk of injury by working with an instructor who doesn’t have basic qualifications in anatomy. (Their insurance won’t cover you even if you do injure yourself!). Some very basic pole dance certifications to look out for are XPERT Pole Fitness, ElevatED, Vertical Dance and Spin City.

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2. They should do more than just “take you through a class.”

A top quality pole dance instructor does more than just take you through an hour-long class. Anyone can tell you what to do and rattle off some teaching points. Look for an instructor who will educate you about all the components necessary to achieve optimal fitness and results with the pole. Your instructor should review good posture, alignment, breathing, dancing through your movement, strength versus flexibility (and vice versa) and doing more with the pole than just tricks. Also look for goal setting, a plan of action, and holding you accountable. Supporting you through the entire process is absolutely essential to your success. Pole dancing can be challenging at times (let’s be honest who doesn’t have a bad day from time to time?) so having someone who genuinely cares about your progress and understands where you are at can make a massive difference in ensuring you stay successful and don’t ‘fall off the wagon’ with your training.

In addition, your instructor should ideally be someone who inspires you and offers an all-round positive experience, from the moment you step into the studio to the moment you leave, tired, exhausted but happy after a good class! They should also offer additional support such as through their blog or an online Facebook group for example. Pole dancing is as emotional as it is physical so having an instructor who can inspire you to view the world (and yourself) differently can help you to make massive progress.

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3. Ask for proof of results.

An amazing pole dancing instructor should be able to do more than just talk about theoretical strength/fitness results that you can gain from pole dancing, or talk about what qualifications they have or which competitions they’ve won… They should be able to PROVE they can deliver! Ask for proof of their client’s results. Do they have testimonials, success stories, before/after photos, references, videos from real clients? Have their clients spoken about their experience working with them? If a pole dancing instructor can’t offer this kind of concrete proof then be careful!

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4. Ask for a Guarantee.

There is more dissatisfaction in the fitness industry than any other industry, and very few trainers offer a guarantee. Think about it: if you brought your car to a mechanic you’d expect it to be fixed, right? Not break down the next day when you’re out on the road! Working with a pole dance instructor (or ANY fitness instructor for that matter!) should be the same as any other industry. If they aren’t willing to guarantee your results or provide you with accountability, as well as a clear plan and line of progression, then find someone who will. Spending your time and energy without a guarantee of results is like going to that bad mechanic! Don’t waste your money or your time working with someone who can’t offer a guarantee or provide a long-term (ie: longer than 6-weeks!) vision for your success .

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5. Look for someone who will empower you for life!

A great pole dance instructor will do more than just help you to achieve your goals in becoming stronger, more flexible and more toned. A true professional will teach you all of the skills and knowledge so that you will no longer be confused when it comes to all the pole dancing, diet and fitness hype (let’s be honest, the pole dancing and fitness world is quite hyped at the moment thanks to social media!). They will calmly guide you at your own pace and help you to develop the strength, stamina and flexibility required to become a well-rounded pole dance student. They should never push you or force you into tricks or positions that your body is not able for yet. At a very basic level they will share with you knowledge and correct technique that should allow you to maintain your results for life and have many happy years of pole dancing, as opposed to a 6-week course!

A pole dance studio should be a place where you can come to forget about the outside and experience nothing but empowerment and positivity. Look for an instructor who elevates you and who cares about you as a person, rather than someone who focuses on their own ego! You want to find an instructor who not only gets you results, but who makes you feel like you are part of a community. There is no place for judgement or ego in a pole dance studio; we are all here to learn and grow together.

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Finding a good pole dancing instructor can be hard work. Using the above 5 points as a reference when you are making enquiries can be very helpful to finding an instructor that’s right for you.

Here at Irish Pole Dance Academy and Studio 53 we aim to provide nothing less than the best pole dancing tuition available in Dublin and Galway and we are willing to speak with you in depth about how we can help you achieve your goals and have a positive pole dancing experience!

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To your success,

Arlene Caffrey