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Sad Girl Pose

Arlene demonstrating sad girl pole on the pole

Now that you’ve mastered the Angel pose, you are ready to move onto this gorgeous shape!

Follow the same steps as the Angel pose (don’t forget that all important side bend!), while tucking your feet to your butt. The pole is very much tucked at the back of your ‘outside’ knee pit. Fold forward so that you can grab your knees and drop your head downwards, while maintaining that tilt of the body to the side.

It’s called ‘Sad Girl’ due to it’s dramatic and also vulnerable appearance; as well as this, it can be a slightly uncomfortable move with the amount of contact points with the pole!

This move is taught on static pole in this tutorial. I also have a section at the end where I talk about how to apply this move on spinny pole. Be mindful of how the direction of the spin will affect how this move appears and feels.